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The submission period for this year is now closed! It's been inspiring for us to see each submission roll in from nonprofit organizations with a goal to make the most out of our crazy 24-hour event together. We wish we could help them all, but a tough decision on this year's winner lies ahead for us next week!

This is our fourth year hosting ZURBwired. We know our approach is ambitious (can we really pull it off?) and also wildly effective (we usually exceed our expectations!), but also that the most important part of the event's success is the can-do spirit and enthusiasm of the nonprofit, the volunteers, and the ZURB team who believe they can pull it off.

The ZURB team will begin evaluating each nonprofit on Monday and we plan to announce the winner as soon as Tuesday, August 9th. We want to thank all 20 nonprofit applicants who applied to ZURBwired 2011!

  1. USA Together
  2. CoFED
  3. Merspi
  4. India Community Center
  5. NCIP/Veritas
  6. Rebekah Children's Services
  7. Rebuilding Together Peninsula
  8. Benetech
  9. The Crossroads
  10. DAVAI
  11. MountHermon
  12. The Monterey Institute
  13. Champion Access
  14. Little Kids Rock
  15. Center for Transformative Change
  16. Dependency Advocacy Center
  17. Bloggers Without Borders
  18. Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch
  19. JobTrain
  20. CityTeam

Want to be a part of Wired?

Volunteering means signing up for the full 24 hours, showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

The people who have the most rewarding experiences are also the ones who contribute the most. Web, visual and print design skills are best. They are great at their craft, think quick on their feet, likable and motivated to help a non-profit and collaborate with ZURB.

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Worker

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Player

    Be able to give helpful feedback


We love local businesses!

Anything you can send to our efforts would be awesome. We really like goodies — cupcakes and coffee — to keep our volunteers fueled or help with getting our print materials ... well, printed.

Let us know how you can help

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