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ZURB is a product design company that has helped millions of designers create better products, websites and services since 1998. We’re a team of T-shaped product design experts with a bold mission: Change the way people design connected products and services. We lead by design through our consulting, product design tools and training. Over the last two decades, we’ve developed Progressive Design, a system that helps us create consistently impactful work that touches millions of people around the globe every day.

We want our ideas to be accessible

To do this, we set up our business to operate in four, self-supporting ways:

Our manifesto

Since 1998, we’ve learned a few things here and there, including these guiding principles:


A designed world is better

We're empowering people to place Design at the forefront. Putting people first and using Design (with a capital "D") to do this may not be completely obvious. In fact, some of it can be counter-intuitive.

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Our Fearless Leader

Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator

Stanford Alumnus and former lecturer, Bryan leads the charge against the forces of banality, shaping and changing the way we think about building products through Progressive Design. Part man, part muse, Bryan is constantly challenging and inspiring ZURBians and the world to 'Do stuff better!'.

Each month, Bryan chats with influencers and synthesizes his research into 5 insights on design. Stay up to date on design trends and developments with his monthly email, the Design Feedback Loop:

Get to know Bryan

Introducing the ZURBians

Our team talent means everything to us — it defines our culture, process and environment. We put an emphasis on working with smart people who uphold our values and create new opportunities for our clients, customers and users.

Emoji are an important part of modern textual communication, here’s a quick guide to using them effectively:…

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