Rebuilding Together Peninsula

They help those families who need extra help repairing their homes in the Bay Area.

Rebuilding Peninsula Together has been helping families and communities in the Bay Area for nearly 25 years. We've known them for awhile now and this is the first year we worked alongside them for 24 hours. Our goal: create a marketing campaign that helps them celebrate their 25th anniversary. We built and new site and created print materials for that milestone. The one thing that we did this year that hadn't before was produce a marketing video in 24 hours!

The big wins

We armed Rebuilding Together Peninsula with the material they needed to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a bang.

  • Video

    A video on their history

    This was the first Wired where we produced a video in 24 hours. The eight-minute short covers the history and mission of RTP. We did interviews here at ZURB HQ and also around the Bay Area. We took our new footage and seamlessly edited it into existing footage.

  • Website

    A microsite built on Foundation 4

    We built a microsite that's focused solely on the 25th anniversary, which we built on Foundation 4. One of the nifty features we put on the site was a map that charted the growth, from nails to paint cans, of RTP over the 25 years. We also built a backend admin so that they could manage the site.

  • Print

    Brochures, posters and much more!

    We created one brochure to rule them all — something that targeted donors, volunteers and clients. We also came up with invitations and posters for the 25th gala. Once the print deadline was over, we created other materials — letterheads, bus ads and yard signs — that could be printed at a later date.

Working alongside Rebuilding Together Peninsula was fantastic. It was a seamless partnership as we worked to create something grand. Ryan Riddle, Editor, ZURB


  • Kick off

    Jon explains what's going on and what to expect for the next 24 hours.
  • There’s a brainstorm on the horizon

    ZURBwired2013 is in full swing. Here's a video introducing our friends at Rebuilding Together Peninsula.
  • Lead check-in

    The leads talk about their first four hours of ZURB Wired 2013. This marks the end of brainstorming and the beginning of design. All systems go.
  • Content creation

    The Content Team hammering away at their keyboards so the Print and Web teams have the words they need.
  • Brochures, wireframes, and front-end code, oh my!

    Gathering steam and helping Rebuilding Together Peninsula realize their dreams.
  • The video of the making of a video

    Jordan and Arthur take us behind-the-scenes of video production.
  • Wireframes and magical massage therapy

    ZURBwired 2013 is getting into the wee hours. How are we holding up?
  • Shawna shares her baggage with the team

    Halfway there! Shawna shares her "baggage" with the team to keep everyone motivated and feeling good.
  • Home is where _____ is

    We interview the team about their homes.
  • When sleep deprivation meets the Chief Instigator

    The annual tradition of late night photo booth fun continues!
  • 16 hours down, 8 to go. How are we holding up?

    ... plus parenting advice from Mark!
  • Wired 2013: Final edit

    The video team's final work after 24 hours of brainstorming, shooting and editing.
  • Wired time lapse

    One photo every minute for the duration of our 24-hour marathon.


What we accomplished

Caffeine, computers, and crazy ZURBians. Put those together for 24 hours, and it results in something fantastic. Kurt Varner, Designer, ZURB

Hammering out the details

This was our sixth Wired and one of our smoothest events. Despite everything running like a well-oiled machine, this Wired still had its own set of challenges. Our print deadline, as usual, was tight. So as the Print Team was working on the visual designs, the Content Team was hammering away at their keyboards. The posters made it to the printers on time, but the brochure took a bit longer than expected and was a little late. After everything was at the printers, we noticed an error on the invitation, which had us calling them to say, "stop the presses!" Luckily, they were able to fix the error!

Meanwhile, our Web, Visual Design, and Engineering Teams were hard at work on the microsite for the 25th anniversary event. The Web Team wasted no time, laying out the site in wireframes while the visual designers buttoned up the look of the site. The engineers waded in code soup, building a new backend for the site.

And all throughout the day and night, the Video Team scrambled. They interviewed people who came to our building then jumped in a car to get more footage and interviews off-site then rushed back here so they could edit it all together!

Want to be a part of Wired?

Volunteering means signing up for the full 24 hours, showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

The people who have the most rewarding experiences are also the ones who contribute the most. Web, visual and print design skills are best. They are great at their craft, think quick on their feet, likable and motivated to help a non-profit and collaborate with ZURB.

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Worker

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Player

    Be able to give helpful feedback


Be this year's ZURB Wired nonprofit

Applying for your nonprofit means signing up for the full 24 hours, getting your team invested in showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Workers

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Players

    Be able to give helpful feedback


We love local businesses!

Anything you can send to our efforts would be awesome. We really like goodies — cupcakes and coffee — to keep our volunteers fueled or help with getting our print materials ... well, printed.

Let us know how you can help

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