ZURB 2016 is a Success!

It was another amazing ZURB Wired event this year. It goes without saying- we set some ambitious goals that kept us working all the way through the entire 24 hours. There were many ups and downs throughout the day, but we came together as one team to make a tremendous amount of marketing things happen for this special nonprofit. Let’s a take look back at everything we were able to accomplish for Life Services Alternatives.

Printed Collateral

The print team had big goals and did an amazing job getting the print collateral completed. Keep in mind, we started the morning with no creative direction and by 1AM we had printed pieces in hand.

  • Brand new branding and layouts to match
  • A thank you mailer with printed envelop
  • An 11 X 17 poster
  • A printed drip campaign consisting of three mailers with printed envelopes

A Website Redesign and Implementation

The web and engineering team ran with the...
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Get to Know the LSA Team

We were impressed with the Life Services Alternatives team the moment we met them, but getting to know them over the past 24 hours has left an even deeper impression on us. It’s rare to meet people as passionate about their cause as they are, and we feel privileged to have had a small part in helping them reach their goals. Without further ado, meet the LSA team:

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Come Meet the ZURBians!

We’ve poured more than 20 hours into this project, and we’re all feeling a little loopy. The good news is that we’re on track and on schedule. We’d like to take this time to briefly put the focus from the work to the talented men and women of the ZURB team. Without further ado, meet the ZURBians!

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Seeing Our Work Come to Life

At ZURB, we primarily work in the digital medium, crafting screens and interfaces for digital products and services. But there’s something pretty magical about see and touch your work in your hands. When we get the print collateral back from the printer, the office become electrified. Everyone crowds around the boxes, whipping out their cell phones to snap pics of the finished products. We’re really proud of what we were able to craft with the LSA team and we can’t wait to see what they do with it!

We Set the Pace and Now We’re Close to Winning the Race

We’re still slaying it here with just under 5 hours left! It’s getting into crunch time as our web team gets further and further down the rabbit hole that is coding and QA. Since we last gave an update on our web progress, we’ve completed our wireframing and visuals. With these in hand, we have a pretty good idea of how these pages are going to look and what the end product will look like.

We also killed it on the content front by really dialing in the messaging around generating interest for their 12th home! While annotating directly onto the hi-fi wireframes, which so helpfully outlines exactly where the content is going, we quickly and easily knocked out the content and copy of each page.

Now as we’re putting our heads down into code, we’re setting ourselves up for our final steps. We’re right where we want to be in terms of scheduling and we’re feeling...
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Turning Houses Into Homes and Engineers Into Gnomes

The Engineering Team are the stealthy heroes of ZURB Wired. They begin their planning weeks before the event, investigating the development environment they’ll be operating in, ways they can improve the nonprofit’s setup, and any new tools or technologies that can be applied to the project. This preparation is often goes unnoticed… unless something goes wrong later on.

Once the project is in full swing, they spend the early hours testing systems and getting access. Then comes the flood. The web team begins sending them templates to integrate into Wordpress. The content team sends them written copy to plug into those templates. The design team shoots them over image after image. And this is where the problems can appear. With three separate teams sending multiple files at once, the chance of miscommunication and mistakes skyrocket.

Fortunately for us, ZURB’s...
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When It Gets Late, It Gets Weird

The photobooth is always hit at #ZURBWired. For one, it helps us document the evening and everyone that participated. Secondly, it helps us both let off some steam and build up our second winds. Lastly, it has a weird way of bonding together people and things you’d never expect.

Getting in Just Under the ZURB Wired

After a lot of worry, emotions, and gusto, we got our print out the door and over to Dion and the Big Ink Printing team (you guys rock!). Getting this print out is so important because it’s a highly leveraged method of how LSA communicates with their followers and audience. Their brochures and mailers have really been delivering well on the many stories and stats they provide.

Since we knew they have such great content, we thought it was important to not only consolidate the content, but also present an even more engaging format through a 3 part mailer. On top of that, we have created some awesome thank you cards for their many admirers as well as other solid creatives! So having that in mind, we are so stoked we were able to get this print out.

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Did We Just Become Best Friends?!

At the halfway mark we checked in with our LSA friends who are toughing out WIRED right along side with us, down in the trenches. As we start to descend into the quickly dwindling second half of our time together, things can start to get a little hazy and become a blur. But they are keeping right up with us!

As we go “all out” to get the work finished, all of the LSA staff here in the office have held strong with just as much enthusiasm and patience as the rest of our team (and we are 9 year veterans at this fast paced, intense process that is WIRED).

Half Way Through The Journey

It's been an amazing journey and we're now just over half way done. The LSA team has been an incredible partner. Arthur has captured the event with some fantastic photos.

Want to be a part of Wired?

Volunteering means signing up for the full 24 hours, showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

The people who have the most rewarding experiences are also the ones who contribute the most. Web, visual and print design skills are best. They are great at their craft, think quick on their feet, likable and motivated to help a non-profit and collaborate with ZURB.

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Worker

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Player

    Be able to give helpful feedback


Be this year's ZURB Wired nonprofit

Applying for your nonprofit means signing up for the full 24 hours, getting your team invested in showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Workers

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Players

    Be able to give helpful feedback


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