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The New Foundation Docs: Learn Your Way

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Whether for internal use or for an open-source project, most programmers hate writing technical documentation. Not just dislike, hate. They hate it. And because they hate it, it usually isn't very good. It can be hard to follow and incomplete, which is irritating to experienced devs and causes panic attacks for newbies just trying to learn something. RTFM, or Read the F@$%& Manual, is an expression commonly thrown at people trying to learn some new coding language or technology, but how can they if nobody wants to WriteTFM?

But even if a developer or team wants to create good documentation, it will inevitably fall short because not everyone learns best through reading. Many people are visual learners, and even more learn best through the act of doing. Docs do nothing to engage those two groups of people.

As the creators of some of the world's most popular open-source projects that incorporate other technologies and integrate with dozens more, we've both...

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