Life Services Alternatives

They help provide exceptional community living and programs for adults with disabilities.

Life Services Alternatives believes all people with developmental disabilities have the right to live life to its fullest in our community. Twenty four hours a day, they care for and support adults with special needs in 11 neighborhood homes in Santa Clara County. Through personalized programs focused on skill-building, they make a difference in the quality of their lives, enabling them to reach their true potential.

The big wins

We set Life Services Alternative on the path to their 12th house!

  • Print-collateral

    Print Collateral

    The print team crafted a new drip campaign consisting of 3 mailers to help LSA tell their story.

  • Website-landing

    A Brand New Website

    We built LSA a brand new responsive site from the ground up that represents their mission in a compelling way

  • Twitter-page

    Social Campaigns

    The Social team helped LSA craft a targeted social campaign with 5 videos.

Working with the team at ZURB was an exhilarating experience! The creative energy and talent that went into producing a marketing campaign involving print, website and social media was more than we could have ever imagined. We really enjoyed collaborating with them and will fondly remember our 24 hours together. Thank you for the opportunity and kudos to ZURB for supporting the nonprofit community in this way each year! Dana Hooper, Executive Director, Life Services Alternatives


  • Braving the Brainstorm to Get Home

    Two hours into the 24 and we’ve been rockin’ it full force! We’ve already made huge progress in getting our creative juices flowing with the LSA team by entering into brainstorming sessions to see what sort of messages and themes we want to center our work around. This involved breaking out into several different teams, throwing out major themes that LSA works with and then coming back together as a group to discuss what works best.
  • Nailing the Story

    In the morning time we broke into five separate groups to brainstorm storylines that could inspire all our campaign materials. After reviewing all the concepts, the leads came together to focus our messaging. After another thirty minutes of iteration, we arrived at: Creating Home, Changing Lives.
  • Laying the Foundation for a Brand New Website

    The web team is has been crushing it today, churning through ideas and making huge strides through lunch. They started out by sketching some lo-fi wireframes on paper and then moved to the whiteboard to get the LSA team involved in the feedback process. The goals here are to determine that the layout will work well with the content and covers all of the needs decided upon in the morning.
  • What's Your Status? Checking In With the Team Leads

    It’s near sunset here at ZURB HQ and we’re not even halfway through this 24 hour sprint. In order to get this mammoth project done, we broke into 8 teams at the start of the day: Ops, Marketing, Design/Visuals, Email/Social, Content, Web, Print and Engineering. Each of these teams work in tandem on different parts of the campaign. As you can imagine, it takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination to hit our deadline. We check in with our Team Leads to figure out where we are in the project.
  • Did We Just Become Best Friends?!

    At the halfway mark we checked in with our LSA friends who are toughing out WIRED right along side with us, down in the trenches. As we start to descend into the quickly dwindling second half of our time together, things can start to get a little hazy and become a blur. But they are keeping right up with us!
  • Getting in Just Under the ZURB Wired

    After a lot of worry, emotions, and gusto, we got our print out the door and over to Dion and the Big Ink Printing team (you guys rock!). Getting this print out is so important because it’s a highly leveraged method of how LSA communicates with their followers and audience. Their brochures and mailers have really been delivering well on the many stories and stats they provide.
  • When It Gets Late, It Gets Weird

    The photobooth is always hit at #ZURBWired. For one, it helps us document the evening and everyone that participated. Secondly, it helps us both let off some steam and build up our second winds. Lastly, it has a weird way of bonding together people and things you’d never expect.
  • Turning Houses Into Homes and Engineers Into Gnomes

    The Engineering Team are the stealthy heroes of ZURB Wired. They begin their planning weeks before the event, investigating the development environment they’ll be operating in, ways they can improve the nonprofit’s setup, and any new tools or technologies that can be applied to the project. This preparation is often goes unnoticed… unless something goes wrong later on.
  • Come Meet the ZURBians!

    We’ve poured more than 20 hours into this project, and we’re all feeling a little loopy. The good news is that we’re on track and on schedule. We’d like to take this time to briefly put the focus from the work to the talented men and women of the ZURB team. Without further ado, meet the ZURBians!
  • Get to Know the LSA Team

    We were impressed with the Life Services Alternatives team the moment we met them, but getting to know them over the past 24 hours has left an even deeper impression on us. It’s rare to meet people as passionate about their cause as they are, and we feel privileged to have had a small part in helping them reach their goals. Without further ado, meet the LSA team!
  • ZURB Wired 2016 is a Success!

    It was another amazing ZURB Wired event this year. It goes without saying- we set some ambitious goals that kept us working all the way through the entire 24 hours. There were many ups and downs throughout the day, but we came together as one team to make a tremendous amount of marketing things happen for this special nonprofit. Let’s a take look back at everything we were able to accomplish for Life Services Alternatives.


What we accomplished

  • A comprehensive content overhaul
  • An entirely new responsive interface design
  • A new custom WordPress install and theme
  • An email newsletter template
  • A three email drip campaign
  • Targeted social campaigns consisting of 5 videos and a ton of social assets and tweets
  • Overhaul social landing pages
  • Brand new branding and layouts to match
  • A thank you mailer with printed envelope
  • An 11 X 17 poster
  • Landing page and email copy
  • A live website:

It was amazing to see the level of cooperation and coordination that both ZURB and LSA demonstrated today. 24 hours isn't a lot of time to do this kind of work, and I'm absolutely amazed that we hit every mark we set—on time! Jon Nemeth, Design Lead, ZURB

Building A Community for Adults with Special Needs

We began our ninth ZURB Wired by breaking both teams up into small groups to come up with a volume of ideas. After narrowing down a visual direction, print materials and later a website were created. Working 24 straight hours, we created a brand new responsive website, posters, mailers, and an entire social media campaign to help them meet all of their goals.

Life Services Alternatives celebrates 12 years of helping adults with disabilities live their lives to the fullest through their housing and personal skill-building programs.

We guided Life Services Alternatives through the same design process and methods we use in our Studios work. Our goal with Wired: to help nonprofits, such as Life Services Alternatives, learn how to do more with less and mobilize in shorter bursts. When you work in smaller teams and in short bursts, you can accomplish amazing things!

Want to be a part of Wired?

Volunteering means signing up for the full 24 hours, showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

The people who have the most rewarding experiences are also the ones who contribute the most. Web, visual and print design skills are best. They are great at their craft, think quick on their feet, likable and motivated to help a non-profit and collaborate with ZURB.

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Worker

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Player

    Be able to give helpful feedback


Be this year's ZURB Wired nonprofit

Applying for your nonprofit means signing up for the full 24 hours, getting your team invested in showing up on time, and committing to helping various team members out in a fluid schedule that will test your mettle throughout the day and night (and day again).

    What we are looking for:

  • Hard Workers

    It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.

  • Scrappy

    Be able to figure out how to do something

  • Team Players

    Be able to give helpful feedback


We love local businesses!

Anything you can send to our efforts would be awesome. We really like goodies — cupcakes and coffee — to keep our volunteers fueled or help with getting our print materials ... well, printed.

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