Every year, ZURB works with a dedicated nonprofit team and a few passionate volunteers to accomplish an entire marketing campaign. This all happens in a mere 24 hours.

Still strong (and crazy) after Ten Years

Our first Wired wasn't just a stunt. We saw an educational opportunity where nonprofits could learn Progressive Design and push forward!

Working with Nonprofits

Working with nonprofits over the years, we've found that they need every detail figured out before they take action. There's a time and place for detail, but when getting a project off the ground, it can be paralyzing. That's where design thinking comes to the rescue!

This year, we worked alongside with Life Services Alternatives, we worked 24 hours straight to craft them a new marketing campaign that will help them raise money for their 12th home.

Since 2006, ZURB Wired has been a testament to the power of both design and community, accomplishing months worth of work in mere hours. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re setting the bar even higher this year! Do you have an inspiring cause and a passionate team? If so, you may be the nonprofit we’re looking for! We are now accepting application for this year's Wired.

Past Wired Events

Why 24 hours?

Because 25 hours sounded really really bad.. We started off doing similar philanthropic events, and learned that an inspiring mission alone was not enough. We needed to put a time-box around these events to provide focus for our non-profits, challenging them and ourselves to make quick decisions. Progressive Design, a 24 hour time-box, and a whole lot of caffeine turned out to be the secret sauce for maximizing impact for a non-profit organization.

This event gives the ZURB team a chance to help a nonprofit get unstuck by giving back in the best way we know how — by helping them solve problems through our time and effort. We get to stretch and grow while sharing our unique skill set for designing things for people.

Wired Blog

Apply to be the next ZURB Wired Nonprofit

We're super excited for this year's Wired! Over the next few weeks, we'll be reviewing submissions and picking one nonprofit to work with. So what are you waiting for?

The deadline for submissions is July 21, 2017
We have two requirements
  • Your nonprofit must be a registered and IRS compliant 501(c)(3)
  • You must be focused on providing services in the Bay Area community
What we're looking for
  • Hard Workers – It takes a lot to go 24 hours straight.
  • Scrappy – Be able to figure out how to do something.
  • Team Players – Be able to give helpful feedback.

Apply Now