Sacred Heart Community Service

They help families who need food and gifts for their kids during the holidays. Sacred Heart is celebrating 50 years of helping end poverty in the community they serve. They help more than 75,000 people and families that struggle to make ends meet. We rebuilt their site and created print materials to kickstart their holiday campaign, all in 24 hours!

Our Big Wins in 2014

  • Brochures, Posters and More! – We created posters, brochures, thank you cards, and promotional banner that Sacred Heart could print later.
  • Redesigned Website – We took Sacred Heart's existing site and gave it a complete overhaul. We focused the site around how people can donate to their cause as well as highlighting what comes of those donations.
  • A New Promotional Video – We put together a new promotional video for Sacred Heart. The two-minute video promotes the upcoming holiday drive — calling on folks to volunteer or donate food.

"During Wired, we watched carefully how ZURB's staff took us through the design process. We are going to do the same for our next big campaign. And most importantly, we will set aside time to build the campaign together, rather than fitting it in-between other tasks. Thank you, ZURB."

Jay Pecot - Directory of Development & Communications at Sacred Heart



What We Accomplished in 24 hours

  • Brand new Print Materials
  • A 8.5 x 11 poster
  • A 12 x 18 poster
  • A trifold brochure
  • A greeting/thank you card
  • Postcards
  • A poster for their donation barrels
  • A drive kit
  • A promotional building banner
  • A sponsorship brochure
  • An Awesome new Fully Responsive Website

"It was crazy exhausting but I was amazed to see what we could do in 24 hours."

Keri Fullwood - Business Designer at ZURB

Making Hope a Tradition

With the clock ticking on our seventh ZURB Wired, the day began with intense brainstorms. It ended with a visual direction, print materials and a tone for a website. During the night, we toiled in code, creating a brand-spanking new site for nonprofit Sacred Heart in 24 hours.

We worked alongside Sacred Heart in a coffee-fueled 24 hour frenzy to create an entire marketing push for their campaign that provides food for individuals and gifts for children during the holidays.

We guided Sacred Heart through the same design process and methods we use in our Studios work. Our goal with Wired: to help nonprofits, such as Sacred Heart, learn how to do more with less and mobilize in shorter bursts. When you work in smaller teams and in short bursts, you can accomplish amazing things. Which is exactly what happened during Wired and something Sacred Heart plans to practice in the future!