We’re proud of our work we’re able to accomplish, and much of the credit goes to our amazing and unique culture.

Want to be a ZURBian?

Hi friend! We’re super excited that you’re taking the steps toward your next big adventure. If this is the first time we’ve met then nice to meet you! And if you’ve been admiring us from afar, then we’re flattered. Either way we’re glad you’re here.

ZURB is about people and we want the best for our team, our customers, and our friends. Our mission is about helping people create connected products and services, we’re making that happen! You’ll want to work with us because you want to make a difference and solve problems that seem impossible or are unknown. The skills you have are important because we elevate each other. We’re looking for individuals who push themselves and inspire those around them. It’s amazing to have that kind of peer support. Being a ZURBian doesn’t mean you are just an engineer, just a designer or just a marketer. Everyone at ZURB gets to influence outcomes — that’s what being “T-shaped” is all about!

Let’s get to know each other a little better

We’re not going to sugar coat it. At ZURB we move fast and sometimes that can come off as intimidating. ZURBians are determined and are always learning, whether from a failure or a new skill. We don’t “just do work.” The work that we do matters to the people we help. In all cases their success depends on our collaborations. We change lives. Plus, creating impactful experiences for users feels pretty awesome too. We get pumped when we learn new techniques, trends and when everyone is set to beast mode amazing things start to happen! Plus, we love giving high-fives!

And we keep it real. ZURBians aren’t born this way — we’re a learning company. Learning isn’t easy and anything worth doing shouldn’t be. We will make mistakes, drop the ball and fail. But that’s how we learn, being “safe” with our thinking is risky. Sometimes we’ll need to put the time into trying a bunch of things that don’t work because we don’t have the knowledge. We’re exploring new worlds.

Becoming a ZURBian

Light speed is so 1987. At ZURB we move at Ludicrous Speed. We don’t believe in an eight-week interview processes, even when it comes to how we meet you. We’ll have a conversation first and get to know each other better. If you’re the right person we won’t keep you waiting.

We want you to have the chops and want you to be a member of our team. You’ll make decisions with us and help us influence the world — not just anyone can do that.

We haven’t scared you off yet? Awesome! Still as excited as we are about ZURB and want to join our team for world domination? (If you answered YES then *insert internet high five here*) You’re one click away from becoming our next ZURBian.

Open Positions

While we’d love if you picked us up some coffee (Philz preferably), we don’t feel those types of mindless tasks will help either of us accomplish our goals. So unlike most companies, we’ll put you directly into the fray, designing and coding up real pages, tools and products that will be seen by thousands of people. But don’t let that that scare you, our entire team will be there to help guide you, offer insights, and get you over any bumps in the road. The result will be something you can be proud of that demonstrates your awesomeness and you’ll be able to use to open up new doors of opportunity. Think you have what it takes? See what opportunities we have open:

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  • Helio Ambassador

    ZURB’s Helio Ambassador

    Come be a part of something AMAZING! If you love technology, are self motivated and find fulfillment in making connections with people, than have we got a role for you! We’re looking for driven, experienced individual to join our Helio sales team! 

    Who we are

    We're a small team team of driven product designers who believe in rapid prototyping, multi-device design and teaching people how to design. We've been around since 1998, creating world-class products that hundreds of millions of people actually use. We believe Design, with a capital "D", can change the world, and we ensure it does. We need your help to bring our flagship product, Helio into the product design space. 

    You’ll be responsible for 

    • Creating and driving new business within industries likely to benefit from using Helio.   

    • Generate business opportunities through networking, cold-calling, and utilizing social media. 

    • Meet/exceed quarterly sales quotas, 20% growth

    • Identify business potential within the sales process - from lead generation to closure

    • Shape deals based on knowledge gathered through previous customers

    • Assess the deal size potential and record it to the sales pipeline document. 

    • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction and retention by setting service expectations with our Helio Advocates 

    The good stuff we’re looking for

    • Personal, warm, friendly personality

    • Proven sales track record

    • Loves the hunt and the close

    • 2+ years of outside enterprise software sales experience

    • Very strong writing skills and strong vocabulary

    • Extremely organized and able to quickly learn about different global industries

    • Able to work independently & as part of a team in a fast paced, competitive market

    A little more about us...

    ZURB is a close-knit product design team based in Campbell, CA. We've been around since 1998, have helped more than 500 startups design some amazing online products and created many of our own products, like Foundation. Our customers range from large, well-known companies (Netflix, Hulu, eBay, Samsung, Mozilla, Facebook, Columbia) to start-ups you have yet to hear about. They all came to us because of our reputation for delivering successful ideas that work.

    Are you ready to make the web a better place? If the answer is YAS, please click the link below and send us the following info.

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    • Your best teamwork tactic

    • Why you want to work at ZURB

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