Second Harvest

Second Harvest of Santa Clara and San Mateo was our winning nonprofit in 2006. Second Harvest requested assistance building a campaign for their first ever "Skip Lunch - Fight Hunger" Campaign. "Skip Lunch - Fight Hunger" was an initiative for people to skip lunch for a day and instead donate the money they would have spent to both raise awareness and feed the hungry. With the average lunch meal cost for one person Second Harvest can feed 20 hungry people!

Our Big Wins in 2006

  • Designed and launched – Starting from scratch our design team was able to create and launch an entire website for Second Harvest’s "Skip Lunch - Fight Hunger" Campaign in less than 24-hours.
  • Printed materials – Our deep rolls up our sleeves and knew that not only did we need to design and launch an entire website, but many other marketing materials were needed as well. We designed and created t-shirts, stickers, posters, table tents, brown paper bags, and postcards.
  • Marketing campaign – We created an e-mail blast to send out to both ZURB and Second Harvest’s network to get the ball rolling for the June 8, 2006 event in hopes to solicit donations and volunteers.



What We Accomplished in 24 hours

Skipping lunch

Thanks to 2006’s partners Zazzle, mavencommunications, Village Printers, and Campaign Monitor we were able to complete our task of creating a new website for Second Harvest and also provide other marketing materials. It’s amazing that within 24 hours we were able to launch as well as create stickers, t-shirts, posters and more.

Second Harvest is still active performing outreach in their local community to raise awareness about hunger. Second Harvest now hosts the "Share Your Lunch" campaign to help families who are concerned that they will not have enough food to feed their families for the summer while their kids are out of school. Help fight hunger today by sending them a donation!