Rebekah Children’s Services

Rebekah Children’s Services promotes the social, emotional and physical well being of children and families.

Our Big Wins in 2011

  • Responsive website with Foundation - With Foundation, we created a swank new site that didn’t just look vibrant, but was also responsive and looked good on any device.
  • Brochure Redesign - We also did lo-fi wireframes to sketch out our ideas for a new brochure that highlighted Rebekah’s mission and the services they offer. Not only that, but we wanted to communicate the emotional feel of their services in a visual redesign.
  • Newsletter - Around midnight we made the call to create a template newsletter form that the team could use to connect with their donors and followers.
  • Bonus Print Material - Not that we didn’t have enough on our plate that night, we got the crazy idea to whip up some identity pieces around 3 AM.

Rebekah Children’s came to us because their old site didn’t really convey the good that they do and, in their words, was a "visual train wreck" that broke all the rules for what a good nonprofit website should look like. They also needed a new look for their brochures that was eye-catching, consistent and provided people with information about their services. Our goal was to create a visual look that conveyed clearly Rebekah Children’s purpose and services clearly in both print and web materials.

"We couldn’t be more grateful to have had opportunity, and I’m glad that the ZURB team enjoyed themselves as much as we did."

Melissa Driscoll, Development & Community Relations Manager, RCS



What We Accomplished in 24 hours

"The RCS team was super dedicated and worked with us late into the night to create something great. No sleep was totally worth it."

Anthony Tadina, Designer ZURB

A marketing miracle

Rebekah Children’s Services was our winning nonprofit in 2011. Before coming to ZURB, people had been confused about what it was that Rebekah’s actually did and why. One of the reasons for that confusion had to do with the nonprofit’s website, which they referred to as a "visual train wreck" and "breaks every rule of what a good nonprofit website should look like."

Now Rebekah’s is taking the logo we designed for them and slapping it on all their materials. They’ve even rebranded themselves based on the designs we came up for them. It’s amazing that the materials and new site that we were able to hammer out in 24 hours is still sparking Rebekah’s and influencing their marketing materials, everything from business cards to marketing giveaways.

Despite the tight print deadline, the web design team didn’t waste anytime, doing an audit of the old site and sketching out the lo-fi wireframes for the new site. Using Foundation 3, the team was able to whip up the scaffolding on the site, which got us quickly to doing the visual designs once we met our print deadline.

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