New Product Design Lesson

Deep Linking with Foundation for Improved Discoverability

Lesson #152Foundation

This happens often: The content you’re linking to is hidden in a Tab and you’re only linking to the page that the content is on. It leaves your user feeling confused and skeptical, and it’s not hard to see why. It’d be as if you were an Uber driver, dropping your customer off in a sketchy neighborhood they don’t know. It doesn’t matter that it’s only a block away from where they wanted. People want to go directly to where they need to be, so send users directly to the specific content they’re after. When content is hidden in a tab or accordion, a link to the page is not enough. Sure you can link to an id on a piece of content, but the immediate jump to the middle of another page may be jarring and confusing to your users. And what if the content is hidden in a tab that is not open. This is when deep linking comes into play. deep linking is the use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of content on a website or app.

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