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Fonts.com Blog

Built with Foundation

Fonts.com takes full advantage of a grid on many viewports, building an interesting and informative layout that fits its articles to a T.


Built with Foundation

You can’t help but be amused by the playful art style on this site, which seems adapted well for screens of any size. Hover over the drinks and the butler tells you what's on tap. On mobile, the SV...

Cannonball Wine Company

Built with Foundation

This site dives in to a parallax effect that’s both pleasing aesthetics and clever branding. On a small screen the navigation links fold into a "more" button revealing a dropdown. Slick!

Bathtime Brainwaves

We love the clever approach to side-scrolling without being obtrusive in this responsive website.

BBQ Outdoor Marketplace

Built with Foundation

With great presentation of its photos, this site puts eye-catching imagery first. Solid use of tried and true mobile patterns.

Nature Box

Built with Foundation

NatureBox’s delicious design serves up winning graphics that shrink and expand well to different browser sizes. Scale your browser down to see the hamburger menu icon spin into view. Click it for a...

Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE)

Built with Foundation

This site’s striking, effective — yet limited — color palette demands attention. And its typography and use of space work well on smartphones and widescreen alike.


Built with Foundation

How do you manage thousands of photos? iStock’s search engine is above reproach, and its interface works well across a range of screen sizes. On a small screen the navigation is split into a two si...

Maker’s Cabin

Built with Foundation

With a straightforward approach to guiding viewers, this site’s distinctive qualities include a no-nonsense approach to getting signups quickly.

5-Door Mini

Built with Foundation

There’s nothing small about the effects on this “Mini” website and its use of scrolling as a fly-around of its eponymous car. The parallax steps aside on mobile for a neat intuitive image layout. T...

Pelican Books

Built with Foundation

Pelican’s focus on books is apparent on screens of any size — not just smartphones. You can't miss the login/signup while scrolling though on you mobile device. It's intuitively placed at the top o...

Marriott GoPro

Built with Foundation

It’s hard to fault GoPro for their efforts to make their site, partnered with Marriott, friendly towards mobile devices. But it’s the active photography that makes us want to go. Watch the full scr...


Built with Foundation

Lift’s love of orange is eclipsed only by its fascination with responsive web design — and doing things really well. The mobile menu is small and sleek revealing an overlay off-canvas menu with a s...

Digital Fio Seattle

Built with Foundation

Digital Fio makes great use of its panorama, even on mobile devices.

WinShape Camps

Built with Foundation

The Winshape Foundation’s use of striking imagery and color makes it stand out with a real sense of energy rarely found in nonprofit sites. On mobile, they do a great job of showing the important i...


Built with Foundation

Gravitate has no problem showing off their unique projects in both mobile- and desktop-friendly formats. Watch as you scroll that page you are beckoned to "read more" on each article.

Earthlink Business

Built with Foundation

Earthlink knows they need to reach their customers, and put their design where their goals are: In a site that works well on most any device. The mobile menu reveals a unique way to navigate a comp...

HTC Shop

Built with Foundation

Shopping at HTC is pretty easy given its mobile-smart design that also looks sharp on large screen computers. The mobile off-canvas menu contains a simple navigation to a complex site.


Built with Foundation

Fandango’s teasers dominate their site on smartphones — and there’s no question what their teasers promote daily.

Share the Love Dallas

Built with Foundation

This site’s distinctive style makes it stand out from other sites. There’s no crowded sales and a lack of clutter makes for smooth flying.

Project List

This web app makes great use of space to help people organize their daily, weekly and monthly tasks.


Built with Foundation

Many investment companies are moving towards responsive designs, but Barclay’s looks exceptionally well on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The site uses many smart techniques t...

Ajahn Brahm

Built with Foundation

A simple site with a simple message shows its love for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Star Wars Blog

Built with Foundation

The Star Wars blog is built on a solid foundation of responsive design, satisfying fans craving news of the upcoming movie no matter what size device they use.

Osmia Organics

Built with Foundation

What if a site that emphasized beauty and refreshing beauty products took full advantage of space? You’d get something like this site, whose well-coordinated photos make its offerings look like a h...

Right Casino

Built with Foundation

This site’s responsive design helps you find not just the right casino, but a straightforward example of solid search results pages.


Built with Foundation

Vans never looked better — at least, not on smartphones that run well with the footwear photos and product descriptions.


Built with Foundation

Creativity may kill, but responsive design rules in this site. Its load-on-scroll technique is more than a gimmick on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Adrien Design

Built with Foundation

This site’s portfolio work gets right to the point. Its job is to promote its subject, which it does with gusto.

Sachiko Beck

How do you show more imagery? By doing less. Much less. Yet this site’s responsive design belies the design problem it needs to solve: Showing a portfolio of work on devices of any size.

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