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Big Board

Designed mobile-first, this site doesn’t use frills to get its point across — just straightforward language, easy-to-tap touch targets, and a relatively flat content hierarchy. And, of course, it d...


Square's site does a great job of keeping their site focused and minimal. They clearly highlight their benefits and how to use their product.


With a simple product comes a simple site — but not at the expense of personality. Clear benefits with fun animations guide the user through the features of Coin’s ecommerce product.

Grain & Mortar

This company's site has a minimal layout that brings focus to its content and their work. We appreciate how well-structured the content is, making the site very adaptable on mobile devices.

Obakki Foundation

From the typography to the photography, this site’s consistent style tells a story that could be tragic, while coming across as hopeful.

CTP Boston

This site mixes clear typography with photography for a killer portfolio on devices of many sizes.


Going overboard is easy when you’re trying to sell a product or service. This site incorporates animation, clear typography… and a modicum of restraint for mobile users.

Sleep Street

If good design is thorough, then this site starts with the content first. From colors to textures, everything fits the look in any viewport.

LJ Durdle

Built with Foundation

This site paints with margins almost as well as an artist with oils — which is appropriate, since generous white space helps viewers to take in each piece of art before moving on to the next. Based...

Data Path, Inc

Built with Foundation

How do you let users navigate layers of complicated legal and medical information? Creatively. This site helps people maneuver among documents and resources with color-coded sections accessible thr...

World in my Lens

From the multiple, fold-out, off-canvas navigation to the hints on mouse hover, this site encourages exploration through a world of photography. Responsively, it expands well from one to five colum...

Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Built with Foundation

If the visual design in this site doesn’t impress, then the sheer number of custom profiles will. It’s rare to see a site treat its template as a framework, and this site pulls it off with style be...

Skyline Furniture

With a few thematic elements inspired by their products, this site lets its photos speak for themselves. Bits of skeuomorphic tape and frames lend it a natural, in-store feel.

Pure Fix Cycles

Responsive design is not always about layout. This site’s product photos look outstanding on browsers of any size — even more so when it uses white text over darkened imagery to great effect.

Knuckles Industries

Built with Foundation

When it comes to custom fonts and sepia tones, look no further than this website’s industrial-feel design. Aside from the amazing work it shows, the site itself shows a certain craft at any viewpor...

Frog Design

Innovative projects and strong imagery meet a creative tile format that reduces well — there’s plenty to love about this portfolio website. We especially like how its navigation, tags and accordion...

Lots of Donuts

The Lots of Donuts takes scrolling as seriously as its confections. This site’s iconic, illustrated navigation coordinates well with its subject matter. We also appreciate how the cutaway views of ...

Gryphon Groupe

Built with Foundation

The little animations make this site work well. Take, for example, the hamburger navigation icon that transforms when tapped, or how pages fade between loads. Clear typography and a restricted, eve...


It’s only fitting that a company with a reputation for quality work features its products on a quality site. Responsive, albeit not mobile-optimized, this site showcases its products with a touch o...

Milk Every Moment

If you want to make milk fun, introduce a comparison game. That seems to be the case with this site, which allows users to choose between food pairings on smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers.

Need Lifestyle

This site knows how to make an entrance. Once you get over the site’s typography and terrific photos (with prices to match), you’ll see this site’s unusual approach to commerce: Presenting its work...

Heineken Star Club

The Heineken Star Club welcomes members to its points rewards on desktop browsers as well as smartphones, making their accounts easy to read in any context.

Westin Finds from Afar

Stylish and helpful, this site’s typography and photos encourage people to use its easy navigation. We love the way it uses both white space and margins to frame its text. If only traveling the wor...


Built with Foundation

SVGs serve two purposes, speed and style, with LemonStand. When the “flat” look is the order of the day, this site is a hallmark of contemporary design.


How do you organize multiple columns in a mobile ecommerce website? Tsovet puts more on screen by subtraction: Isolated product shots have ample breathing space on small screens, and expand well to...


Built with Foundation

Few things feel more appropriate than a destination website in one’s hand, which is exactly what this site acheives. Appropriately-sized imagery, a hint of realistic bevel, and and other realistic ...

Skybox Imaging

It takes a new type of artificial satellite to record HD video from Earth orbit, and a special responsive treatment to bring it to a variety of screen sizes. Like the satellite company it represent...

The Citizens Bank

Built with Foundation

The look may follow brand guidelines, but the intent is about people. This bank’s website reaches customers regardless of their device with mobile-friendly layout and a repetitive visual motif. Is ...

What Screens Want

With a meta twist, this article about designing for the screens — any of them — is itself an experiment in responsive web design. It’s rare to find a site that leads people through an article, but ...

Portland Therapy Center

Built with Foundation

Responsive web design is more than layout. It’s more than design process. This site integrates responsive principles in SEO, future redesign options, and client satisfaction.

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