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Blue Guide

Sifting through data in a web app can be daunting enough for end users. But designing to make the experience usable — or even invisible — is a greater challenge. This site manages to help people fi...

On a Boat

Excellent typography mixed with terrific photos — there’s lots to love about this site. But what really caught our attention was the way its images don’t interrupt its articles. Imagery works harmo...

Pikes Peak Country Attractions

Trade-offs. Communication. Visual appeal. Design is about more than pretty pictures, and this site goes one step further. We appreciate how it uses design to give information a sense of priority. I...


Built with Foundation

This site’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to presenting information practically guarantees a responsive nature.

Crafted by Love

Built with Foundation

The little things make a big difference: Pagination changes, navigation adjustments and overall spacing tweaks help this site adapt well to many screen sizes while keeping a very consistent look.

The Bold Italic

Built with Foundation

One might think that extra-wide margins would make for poor reading, or that a 60-pixel-tall navigation bar is overkill. Yet both work well for this magazine site and it’s brief articles. This site...

Seriously Amazing Smithsonian

This site uses one of the most explore-friendly patterns that’s popular today: An elaborate tile-based navigation that fits well across smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. It’s a great examp...


This site’s attention to consistent branding, and its clarity on browsers of all sizes, make it shine. Here you’ll find a rare combination of stark contrast with a friendly feel. For example: The n...

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Built with Foundation

Mobile-optimized doesn’t mean just “shrinks to smartphones,” as this site shows. From its speed to its touch targets to its typography, layout and finger-friendly UI, this site feels like it was me...


The K-Catch game challenges what we mean by “responsive” web design. This site syncs its desktop-based game with a smartphone, taking advantage of the latter’s gyroscope to control a three-dimensio...


Images in responsive design have been a conundrum since we first started writing media queries. This site presents full-bleed photos with an easy navigation system to let dog enthusiasts view one p...

A Watch by You

This site’s form combines touch-friendliness with a sense of style that works well from smartphones to tablets to desktops. We also appreciate its subtle animated watch hands — a fine point that’s ...

The Portfolio of Anne Uy

Built with Foundation

It’s rare to see a website *fit* a smartphone screen, although many due courtesy to devices’ screens’ widths. At first glance this site’s bold typography is sure to bust free of mobile devices, but...

Conservation International

Built with Foundation

When you’re trying to save the world, a responsive website might not be your top priority. But when you’re trying to communicate your ideals, reaching people on all types of browsers needs more tha...

DSG Women’s Fitness

We usually think of “grids” as rows and columns. This site has a different definition: Its hexagonal layout challenges convention, and its responsive navigation makes accessing the site a breeze.

England Council Results

When election season strikes, news sites are inundated with numbers and their consequences. Few sites present statistics like this interactive BBC infographic, which wins our vote with clear result...

Obsessively Clean Desk

Built with Foundation

When your product aims to help people clear clutter, you’d better have a clean website. To that end, OCDesk’s site design sends a clear message about what to expect from their products.

Smoking Doors

Built with Foundation

With an innovative approach to keyframe animation, this site has a lot of character in how it takes advantage of scrolling. (Hint: scroll down slowly.)


This site’s creative approach to horizontal, page-like desktop layout doesn’t stop it from working well on mobile screens. Far from it — from typography to spacing, pinchzoom.com represents its bus...


For typography aficionados, shopping never looked so good. This website by HF&J lets mobile users scroll through attractive samples, tapping “pins” on each sample to learn its name and, later, shop...

Corona Map

As we learn more about responsive web design — it’s still a new medium, after all — we appreciate seeing people take advantage of handheld devices. This site turns layout on its head, or at least i...


How do you encourage signups? At GiveGab, you ask people to interact before prompting them with Facebook or Google social logins. Asking users to invest in a system before committing is a great way...

Robby Leonardi

Few sites take animation as seriously as this site. The Mario-esque résumé encourages scrolling like no other, and the portfolio’s art is sure to turn heads. We love how it turns otherwise mundane ...

House of Fraser

Built with Foundation

How do you show users how to use gestures in a website? This site does so with simple graphical instructions that appear momentarily in context of scrolling, pinching and zooming to view its produc...


Built with Foundation

When you need to tell a story, you need to find characters. This website expresses itself by letting both products and team members step forward with subtle responsive details and arresting photogr...

Travel Oregon

Fantastic images — and fantastic image presentation — star in this site’s style. From visuals to content, this site really draws people into the theme of outdoors in Oregon.


This site presents relatively complex information in small screens and lets people manage favorites, and does so responsively.


Built with Foundation

A great example of finger-friendliness, this site’s forms are downright elementary on smartphones and desktop browsers alike.


Built with Foundation

With a flair for coordinated color, mobile-first notions and focus on its products, this website takes extra steps to sway potential customers.

Skinny Ties

To fully appreciate this site’s app-like search & sort features, try it on a smartphone. It’s easy to browse, easy to use, and looks as sharp as the ties it sells.

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