Build better products faster with product design training

We offer in-person training sessions to meet your team's interests and needs.

Learn the right design skills to move your products forward

Our process, called Progressive Design, will give your team design mastery through collaboration, rapid prototyping and iteration.

Gain momentum

Gain momentum

Learn to work collaboratively and rapidly build products for any screen size. Our training teaches your teams the design skills they need to quickly take ideas from concept to prototype, while ensuring that products work across multiple devices.

Build products

Build real products

Our complete curriculum gives you all the skills and methods you need to build great products for the real world. These methods include better verbal and sketching techniques, rapid prototyping, iteration, coding and more.

Learn experts

Learn from experts

Our instructors are design practitioners. We don't just teach these methods, we battle test them through our internal projects and Studios work. You'll learn directly from those designers who practice Progressive Design on a daily basis.

Training tailored to your team

We offer real-time, in-person group training for your entire team. Choose from a variety of classes and topics and create your own custom training session.

Training group
  • Training tailored to your teams' needs: We work together to come up with a curriculum that matches the needs of your teams.
  • Immersive training: We craft a syllabus that covers topic areas your teams want to learn most — from rapid protytyping and interation to multi-device design to design collaboration.
  • Taught by practicing designers: We have nearly two decades' worth of product design under our belt and we'll teach you the processes we use on a daily basis.
  • We'll meet you anywhere: You don't have to move a limb — we'll come to you! Or you can come to us at our fully-equiped learning space.

Contact us about in-person team training

Email us to learn more

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or (408) 320-ZURB to ask us anything about our team training and workshops.

Training at your own pace

If you're working solo or just need a quick fix, we offer individual training with a large selection of classes and topics.

Training individual
  • Online courses: Choose from a variety of courses. Most sessions range from two to four hours that you can take individually.
  • Live training anywhere: We offer live webinars, so you can join from anywhere... from your office chair to the comfort of your home.
  • You have the power: Not all skills may be of use to you and we know that. We offer you different tracks so you get the most value out of your training.
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Our Next Online Course

Introduction to Foundation

Tuesday, June 2

In this introductory training class, users will learn about the fundamentals of prototyping with Foundation. No experience with Foundation is required, but a basic understanding of HTML/CSS is. Each section is 45 minutes with 15 minutes at the end for Q&A.

Learn More »

Taught by practicing designers

We don't just talk about things, we practice them, every day. You’ll learn from the ZURB team of product designers.

bryan zmijewski

Bryan Zmijewski

Founder, President

Bryan is our fearless leader and chief instigator. Hailing from the Stanford Product Design program and getting his roots from IDEO, he has advised more than 200 startups on how to build digital products.

matt kelly

Matt Kelly

Partner, Design Lead

As a ZURB partner and head of engineering, Matt is involved in all aspects of our business and brings that knowledge to the classes he teaches.

alina senderzon

Alina Senderzon

Design Lead

Alina heads up ZURB's Design Team. As a Lead, she helps shape the work of her fellow designers. Her greatest design strength: designing balanced, structured layouts.

brandon arnold

Brandon Arnold

Design Lead

Brandon is a mastermind when it comes to responsive design. He contributed several key components and of the latest version of our responsive CSS framework, Foundation.

Daniel Codella image

Daniel Codella


Marketing guru Daniel Codella brings his experience in sending emails and maintaining customer relations to ZURB, where he practices creating campaigns, sending and receiving customer emails daily.

jeanie chung

Jeanie Chung


Angular Engineer Jeanie dedicates her time at ZURB to working on the interactive components of our responsive CSS frameworks. Her work helped make the Foundation family possible.

These are only a few of the awesome instructors who teach our courses. Check out the whole ZURB team »

Companies that have taken our training

  • citrix
  • pitney bowes
  • plantronics
  • capgemini
  • mcafee
  • starbucks
  • oracle
  • ruckus wireless
  • HP
  • pluralsight

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