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ZURB University

Learn Product Design Through Courses and Workshops

Get trained in our product design principles and methodology


Since 1998, we’ve been refining and battle-testing our ZURB product design process and methodologies. Our principles are proven and foster the design skills necessary for building great digital products. Our courses and workshops give you insight into our process, which has been used to help thousands of teams and companies. You'll come out the other side a better, stronger product designer.

Product Design Courses

Each University course consists of several classes and offers a distinct design perspective. These courses work together to make you a holistic product designer.

Core Product Design

The core skills you need as a product designer

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Product Design Methods

Concepts that define product direction

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Interface Skills

Tangible skills needed to give a product shape

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Code Skills

Skills necessary to bring your product to life

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Taught by our active team of product designers

You’ll be learning from the ZURB team of product designers. We’re not just teachers — we’re designers who teach. Plus, all training is interactive so you’ll be able to ask us your burning questions.

bryan zmijewski

Bryan Zmijewski

Founder, President

Bryan is our fearless leader and chief instigator. Hailing from the Stanford Product Design program and getting his roots from IDEO, he has advised more than 200 startups on how to build digital products.

matt kelly

Matt Kelly

Partner, Design Lead

Matt is our University Dean. He drives the creation of our courses. As a ZURB partner and head of engineering, he's involved in all aspects of our business and brings that knowledge to the classes he teaches.

alina senderzon

Alina Senderzon

Design Lead

Alina heads up ZURB's Design Team. As a Lead, she helps shape the work of her fellow designers. Her greatest design strength: designing balanced, structured layouts.

brandon arnold

Brandon Arnold

Design Lead

Brandon is a mastermind when it comes to resonsive design. He contributed several key components and of the latest version of our framework, Foundation.

ghaida zahran

Ghaida Zahran

Design Lead

Ghaida is an outstanding ZURBian designer and a driver of Foundation. You'll find her working through interaction design problems, pushing pixels or contributing code daily.

jordan humphreys

Jordan Humphreys


Jordan is an engineering magician. He's our master of javascript, having worked on the engineering under the hood of Foundation. He also crunches code on our Design Apps.

These are only a few of the awesome instructors who teach our courses. Check out the whole ZURB team »

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Look who loves University training

Since participating in ZURB University, I’ve been able to better outline, produce, and explain my designs and ideas. The experience made me a better designer and was a pivotal point in my career.

elle tolman

Elle Tolman

Visual Designer, Cisco Systems

ZURB's Foundation training was fun and engaging. Each step of the process was accompanied by thorough examples and explanations. I loved how willing the presenters were to personally answer our individual questions.

michele harman

Michele Harman

Marketing Student, Portland State University

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  • mcafee
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  • oracle
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