Advanced Foundation

An in-depth class covering the techniques and application of Foundation for sophisticated product design. You'll learn the Advanced skills that ZURB uses to deliver quality client work in short timeframes. We'll cover topics including optimizing your workflow with the ZURB stack, saving time and reducing mistakes by using Panini, getting more styling done faster with Sass, building more powerful layouts with the Flexbox grid, and creating custom components easily. See you in class!

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Master the grid

Harness the power of the grid to build complex layouts that work on any device.

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Manage your code

Use best practices and semantic code to keep your product light and maintainable.

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Advanced Features

Leverage powerful javascript components that make complex features a breeze.

$299 per person
Attend this class on Tuesday, July 18
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A Word From Our Students

Here's a few words from folks who took the course.

The presenters also took time to clearly answer the questions, even if it meant a bit of background research was required. We have been using Foundation for two years on one of our websites, so some of the advanced features were really interesting to us.

Joe Alderson

Joe Alderson


Great to have answers from the experts via live chat in real time.

Kevin Nicholson

Kevin Nicholson


There was a lot of features I never took advantage of which I will be now.

Alex Whedbee

Alex Whedbee

California Department of Developmental Services

What you’ll learn in this class

  • The ZURB Stack & How To Use It

    Understand the many pieces of Foundation

    • Getting Started: An in-depth look at which version of Foundation is right for you and a peek at how ZURBians start their projects.
    • The Build System: A look at how the ZURB Stack build system is created and how to controll all the parts.
    • Using Panini: How Panini works and how you can maximize the use of a flat file generator.
    • Customizing Foundation: Learn how to make foundation yours by removing unnecessary code or altering the code that's already there.
  • Sass Architecture & Best Practices

    Learn Sass and how to maximize its use in Foundation.

    • File structure: Learn the Foundation way of structuring your file folders and our efficient use of CSS imports.
    • The Sass Language: Take a crash course in Sass and learn about its most important features.
    • Sass Architecture: Get familiar with how Foundation uses Sass and how you can organize yours too.
    • Best Practices: Keep your Sass concise and easy to use with tips from the ZURB team on maintainable Sass.
  • The Grid and how to break it

    Learn about the Foundation grid in all its shapes and forms.

    • Mobile First: Take a dive into the strategies of mobile first web creation and why Foundations grid is built that way.
    • The Grid: Find out how the grid works and tons of tips on making it work more efficiently.
    • The Flex-Grid: Get the scoop on Foundation 6's biggest change to the grid and learn how Flexbox will change what's possible on the web.
    • The Grid and Sass: Now take the grid fully semantic by using the Sass mixins provided by Foundation.
  • Javascript

    Leveling up your Javascript game with a look at how it all works.

    • Initializing: Gain knowledge on the many ways to initialize Foundations JS and when to use which.
    • Manipulating Components: Take the default JS components and make them yours by modifying their core attributes.
    • JS Utilities: See how to create your own plugins and use Foundations built in utilities to make it even easier.
    • JS Optimization: Make your code more efficient by removing what you didn't use.

Why our class format rocks

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Live training

This class is presented live by members of the ZURB team! You'll get a chance to interact with us directly.

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Held online

We conduct the class online via GoToTraining, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

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Live Q&A

Get all your questions answered during the live Q&A sessions. Each class topic is paired with dedicated Q&A time.

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Keep the recording

After you complete the class, we'll send you the class slides, examples and the recording so you'll always have it to reference.

$299 per person

Attend this class on Tuesday, July 18

Reserve Your Spot

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