ZURB Wired Updates

Keep up with the ZURB Team as they pull off a marketing miracle in 24 hours!

ZURB 2016 is a Success!

It was another amazing ZURB Wired event this year. It goes without saying- we set some ambitious goals that kept us working all the way through the entire 24 hours. There were many ups and downs throughout the day, but we came together as one team to make a tremendous amount of marketing things happen for this special nonprofit. Let’s a take look back at everything we were able to accomplish for Life Services Alternatives.

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Get to Know the LSA Team

We were impressed with the Life Services Alternatives team the moment we met them, but getting to know them over the past 24 hours has left an even deeper impression on us. It’s rare to meet people as passionate about their cause as they are, and we feel privileged to have had a small part in helping them reach their goals. Without further ado, meet the LSA team:

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Come Meet the ZURBians!

We’ve poured more than 20 hours into this project, and we’re all feeling a little loopy. The good news is that we’re on track and on schedule. We’d like to take this time to briefly put the focus from the work to the talented men and women of the ZURB team. Without further ado, meet the ZURBians!

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Seeing Our Work Come to Life

At ZURB, we primarily work in the digital medium, crafting screens and interfaces for digital products and services. But there’s something pretty magical about see and touch your work in your hands. When we get the print collateral back from the printer, the office become electrified. Everyone crowds around the boxes, whipping out their cell phones to snap pics of the finished products. We’re really proud of what we were able to craft with the LSA team and we can’t wait to see what they do with it!

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