Crafting the Perfect Customer Experience

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  • Jacob Jaber, CEO, Philz Coffee

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About Jacob Jaber

For the uninitiated, Philz Coffee is a Silicon Valley favorite, caffeinating tech’s movers and shakers since 2003. Ryan Hoover practically worked out of a Philz in Product’s Hunt’s early days. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly a huge fan and Facebook HQ has their own location. Even us ZURBians have been known to venture far out of the comfort of our Campbell headquarters to grab a few cups at the nearest Philz.

So why the extreme devotion (or obsession) with Philz? In addition to being the most delicious coffee you can buy, Philz has created an experience unlike any other. Like ZURB, their main focus is on people, and every part of a visit to Philz is unique, warm and incredibly personal.

Jacob Jaber, son of Philz’ founder Phil Jaber, serves as their CEO and is rapidly expanding the business. Forging new partnerships with dynamic companies like Virgin Airlines and Facebook, Jacob’s shrewd business sense is undeniable. But the most impressive part of Philz’ meteoric growth is that they’ve been able to maintain not only the high quality of their product, but the unique culture that makes Philz stand out in the crowd.

On August 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM (PST), Jacob will hop on his Soapbox to talk about some principles that guide Philz, his own entrepreneurial journey, and the importance of putting people first.

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