Designing for Growth

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  • Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot

We hope to see you at the next Soapbox. We'll update this page soon with interesting tidbits about the event plus the podcast!

About Brian Balfour

While still in his teens, Brian Balfour started his first company, raising $100,000 in capital and managing a team of designers and developers. It was here that he began learning and studying the art and science of customer acquisition. Brian would later go on to start and sell several other profitable companies, each with active users in the millions. The explosive growth and success of these endeavors can be credited to Brian’s skillful use of marketing techniques, optimized design, catchy copywriting, data analysis and a bit of engineering. This fusion of skills and techniques focused on growth was given a name by Sean Ellis in 2010, “Growth hacking”.

Brian’s technical approach, experiment driven process, and longform essays on customer acquisition have made him a legend in the growth hacking community. Now serving as VP of Growth at Hubspot, Brian continues to build up products to staggering levels of popularity. He’s also an investor and consultant, advising companies on how they can build a growth process and machine in their organizations. His work has him zig zagging all over the country, from San Francisco to LA, Chicago, Boston, Michigan and beyond.

On March 18th, 2016 at 12:00 PM (PST), we’ll sit down with Brian to talk about how design impacts growth, what data product designers should pay attention to, and how companies can balance business and user needs to achieve high growth.

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