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Leverage an Extensive Library of Design Knowledge

Build off of our experiences

Over the last sixteen years, we've accumulated an arsenal of tools and knowledge that serve as an invaluable resource to both inspire and empower designers around the world. We've collected these awesome assets all in one place, the library. We think you'll love it.

Library quips
Design Quips

1000+ Quips Submitted

Let data guide your design decisions with a wealth of organized factoids.

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Library triggers
Design Triggers

250+ Triggers Submitted

Sharpen your skills with an extensive collection of common behavioral patterns.

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Library patterntap
Pattern Tap

5000+ Patterns Submitted

Find inspiration from a wealth of design patterns we've brought together.

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Library responsive

200+ Sites Submitted

Browse an extensive gallery showcasing top-notch sites focused on responsive design.

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Library playground

45+ Experiments Submitted

Check out our latest tools, creative experiments and examples on the playground.

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Library word

140+ Words Submitted

Dive into a deck of concepts and ideas specific to the industry of product design.

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Library friday
Friday 15

40+ Activities Submitted

Rally your crew with an awesome collection of creative team-building activities.

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Library buildingblocks
Building Blocks

30+ Patterns Submitted

Browse a growing collection of code bits you can drop into any foundation project.

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