Mobile & Web Apps

Apps including online retail sales, banking, services and auctions.

You don’t have a great mobile or web app. You're envious of the other apps you use. We’re pioneers in responsive web and have designed mobile apps for over a decade. We’ll design a mobile application that works on iOS, Android or the web with a special emphasis on cross platform unity. We’ll turn your app experience into something your users crave by using data to inform our decisions.

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Interaction Design

We’ll design effective micro-moments to build an app experience that encourages engagement.

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Interaction Matrix

Tested with Occasional Suit Wearers, Everyday Suit Wearers, and Gifting Consumers

Interface Design

We’ll design effective micro-moments to build an app experience that encourages engagement.

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“After introducing the concept of the chatbot assistant to recruiters in previous tests, specifically around creating job posts. Recruiters then expected that a chatbot would help then with creating job postings.”

“Even though they're more compfortable with the form, recuiters took longer to navigate it. When asked to locate the option to create a job posting for a truck driver, nearly 80% of recruiters were able to do so in a little over 3 seconds.”

“Recruits are more comfortable with processes that are familiar with and are open to alternate methods as long as they are simple. 78% of recruiters felt trust & joy when asked how they feel about the chatbot job posting assistant.”

Production Prototypes

We’ll put all the ideas into motion in a clickable production prototype that creates momentum with the engineering team.

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Tested with Cloud Developers, DevOps Professionals, and IT Professionals

“Tracking network performance takes precedence over all other data.”


We wanted to know how important data should be structured within a network administration dashboard. The very clear response, when comparing against network status, data usage, and operating costs, was that the status of the network was the metric by which all other data is judged.


Building trust between users and Equinix through stable networks and timely alerts will be the inroad to upgrades.


“It is always necessary to have the guiding elements at hand. And the dashboard is the guide of every engineer or technician to do his job as well as possible and take precautions on time.”

“Seeing the network and server status is necessary to make sure the website and services are online, and also to help troubleshoot possible issues.”

“Server Status. As that will tell me the load, efficiency and issues.”