Design Insights

Design Insights are breakthroughs that reveal behavior patterns and drive bold decisions.

What is a Design Insight?

Design Insights are breakthroughs that reveal behavior patterns and drive bold decisions. Design Insights are rare. Few organizations are able to surface them and harness their power to shape their products. Design Insights are also powerful. By shedding light on behavior patterns, they can point design teams in new directions that would otherwise go unexplored. They also expose wrong decisions before it’s too late, preventing wasted time and resources.


Design Insights start with a Hunch, an assertion based on the current understanding of a problem. A Hunch is shaped by previous experience, or even previous Design Insights, and provides something to test and gather feedback from.


To prove or disprove Hunches, we gather information, often through testing. As we collect more data, we make Observations based on the patterns we see.


While patterns help us explain what happened, connections reveal why. Questions surface deeper connections, which in turn helps us ask better questions. It’s these breakthrough understandings of the “why” that shapes Design Insights, transforms our understanding of a problem, reveals new solutions.

What can Design Insights do?

Design Insights can shape a project during any point in the product development process by revealing behavior patterns that are normally lost, hidden or obscured. By bringing these patterns in view, we can make observations and form connections between them, as well as predict future behaviors. This deep understanding of the true nature and motivations behind user behaviors prevents teams from going too far down wrong paths, and leads us to better ideas, better solutions, and ultimately better products.

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