Men's Wearhouse

Less Friction and More Sales Through A Better Mobile Experience

We helped The Men’s Wearhouse Create A Better Mobile Shopping Experience to Increase Conversions.

For over 40 years, Men's Wearhouse has been helping men like the way they look. They've been able to make good on that promise thanks to the world class customer service delivered each and every day by their dedicated employees.


The Men’s Wearhouse has been helping men young and old look their best over the last 40 years through their world class customer service. After a successful redesign of their formal wear rental service, The Men’s Wearhouse came back to ZURB to apply the lessons we learned to their broader retail website with special emphasis on improving the mobile experience. The holiday rush was on the horizon, and The Men’s Wearhouse wanted a design that would help them better reach their growing mobile audience.

We built on the lessons we learned in the formal wear project and uncovered some new Design Insights that built on each other to give us a deep understanding of the opportunities available and how we could drive value in the design.

We learned some key lessons about building confidence with customers doing the formal wear project, and we expanded on those Design Insights with additional research. By observing how users interacted with the mobile site, it became clear that there were some key behaviors we could leverage to increase conversion. One of the first insights we uncovered was this:

Clear and compelling mobile pages for multiple products in a “look” can build more confidence in the user's decision making.

One of the new features of the site were suggested “Looks” or complete outfits that users could customize to their liking. We learned from our previous engagement that users, and in particular mobile users, need to feel confidence in the products they are evaluating and have as much detail in one place or view to move forward with a purchase. We built out comprehensive, mobile optimized pages for each suggested item in a “Look” and made it easy for users to see extra details.

Another significant Design Insight we were able to surface came as the result of prototype testing with mobile users:

Users are more likely to purchase if the "Add to Bag" CTA is always visible.

CTA’s at the end of a long scrolling page were getting overlooked and led faster page exits. By creating persistent CTA that was visible at all times, we were able to greatly increase conversions and reduce the bounce rate on product pages. Combined with more fleshed out product pages, greater responsive design support and a more modern look, the new retail site was able to more accurately deliver the world class customer experience that the Men’s Wearhouse is famous for.

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