Joseph A. Bank

The Way Men Shop, Reinvented

Joseph A. Bank looked to us to help them craft an exceptional new shopping experience for their customers.

Joseph A. Bank Clothiers, Inc., also known by the abbreviated name JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, is a retailer of men's clothing, particularly known for its low-priced men's suits.


Joseph A. Bank, commonly known as JoS. A. Bank makes formal and casual men’s wear and has stores throughout the country. While they are best known for their brick and mortar stores, they were looking to grow their web presence. Their existing eCommerce site was desktop only with a separate site for mobile visitors. JoS. A Bank came to ZURB looking to improve their eCommerce site to help better convey the quality of their products and increased sales. 

We saw some immediate opportunities to create a single, responsive website that would help them serve their audience no matter what device they were browsing on and remove the complexity of having to maintaining multiple codebases. 

While we had made some incredible learnings with a similar men’s brand, every client has different needs, requirements and clientele. As with any project, we try to make no assumption and focus on learning as much as possible. 

From our initial research, we gained a clear picture of JoS. A. Bank’s audience which consisted of a largely older demographic. Part of the opportunity did include modernizing the look and feel of the site to appeal to younger visitors, but we wanted to make sure we met the needs of all users, including taking into consideration the needs of this important demographic. We were able to uncover the following Design Insights:

Older online shoppers would spend more time on a mobile version of an eCommerce store if the images and text were large and easy to see.

These two Design Insights significant changed our approach. For example, in a similar project, we had found great success in having a persistent “Add to Cart” button. But testing this approach with JoS. A. Bank’s users yielded negative results, with most either ignoring the button or unable to tap it correctly. This finding and others like it reaffirmed to us how important it was to go into each project with as few assumptions as possible.

To help meet the needs of this core demographic, we designed a site with large images and text that were easy to see and use on touch screens. We also completely rebuilt the information structure and organizational layout of the site, improving site navigation and customer flow.

Lastly, we designed a truly responsive site using the Foundation framework, simplifying the update process and unifying the codebase. The result is a modern, fresh site that provides an incredible shopping experience to users of all ages.

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