The Store That Keeps the Wheels of the Electric Vehicle Revolution Turning

We worked closely with CartPros to help them share their innovative story and products with the digital world.

CartPros offers a wide selection of Golf and Electric Cart parts and accessories for Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and Columbia brands! CartPros aims to be the very best source for finding the right product for your Electric Vehicle.


When most people think of electric vehicles, they usually either think of futuristic, automated vehicles of tomorrow or high priced luxury sedans of the wealthy. The truth is, though, that we’re surrounded by all kinds of electric vehicles serving all kinds of organizations. The beauty of electric vehicles is that they are completely flexible, able to be outfitted for all kinds of utility which has made them a favorite workhorse for universities, hospitals, schools and more.

To help organizations maintain their fleets of vehicles, CartPros has developed an eCommerce site that stocks a massive array of custom and replacement electric vehicle parts. In addition to being able to clearly communicate the value and quality of their product catalog to both new and returning visitors, the new CartPros site needed to to be easy to search and browse through.

After conducting some research of the competitive landscape Cart Pros operates in, we were able to surface a powerful Design Insight that drove the project forward and solved a major problem for the business:

Because electric vehicle parts are very specific and unique, customers often order the wrong parts by accident which leads to an abnormally high number of costly returns.

We used this insight to drive one of the most popular and impactful features of the new site, the “Cart Pros Fit” promise and utility that guarantees users the parts they find using the tool will fit their vehicle. This unique search component allows users to select which vehicle they are looking to get parts for by entering the make and model or VIN and save them so only compatible parts are shown each time they visit the page. Users are also able to save several multiple electric vehicle models so they can see parts for their entire fleet. By only showing compatible part matches, the chance of the wrong parts being ordered are effectively null.

In addition to modernizing the site and making it easier to navigate, we were able to harness the power of Design Insights to solve one of the biggest problems that retailers of specialized equipment have been wrestling with for years- preventing costly returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

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