A New Way for the People of India to Vote On Critical Issues

MyVoteToday partnered with ZURB to build a polling application that helps the people of India stay informed and have a voice in the democratic process.

MyVoteToday is a mobile app based pollster promoted by Apption Digital, Inc. (a US based digital technology company). It aims to improve the standards of democracies throughout the world by enabling citizens to opine on various issues anonymously.


MyVote.Today is a startup that empowers the people of India to vote on issues of importance for social and democratic change through polls. They were looking to redesign their app to improve engagement and ease of use. The founders of the company had a vision of an app that was used daily by people truly invested in these issues as a way to make their voice heard and keep up with issues as they unfold. This was a considerable challenge as the target audience is very large and incredibly diverse.

Our first steps involved learning as much as we could about the political climate of the Indian subcontinent which included various ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious groups. We spent time switching between the larger issues that affect all of India down into the regional and municipal issues that app was also hoping to expose its users to. We realized that many of these issues affected each other, and that the target audience was passionate about both local and statewide developments. This understanding helped us shape this Design Insight:

Macro and micro views of the poll results helps voters not only get a sense of the political ecosystem globally, but also stay up-to-date and take action on social and economical problems locally.

The application needed to be designed with a truly simplistic experience that made it easy and inviting for the user to return daily. Users would be most likely to stay engaged if they saw both large scale trends and could dive into the daily micro-developments.

We designed a modern interface that exposed users to polls for larger issues, and gave them the freedom to drill down into more local poll results. Poll data is shown in large, clear graphs and charts, to give users a quick overview of public sentiment on a variety of topics.

Understanding how connected the people of India are to these complex local and statewide issues helped us design an elegant solution that helps people of all demographics stay informed and have a voice in the democratic process.

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