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November 2014

Web apps have been on our mind lately. That’s because we’re about to release Foundation for Apps — and also because web apps are a topic of discussion in the design community. When mobile devices arrived, so did native apps built specifically for each platform. As mobile browsers become more capable, though, and designers continue to embrace responsive design, web apps are making a comeback. With the imminent release of Foundation for Apps, this month we’re looking at the different means and ways that HTML/CSS/JS-based apps are evolving.

Web apps hero

  • 1

    Is the web dying, killed off by mobile apps? It’s complicated

    The evolution of apps *is* complicated. This article explores the growth of web apps, and how they’re affecting growth of the web itself.

  • 2

    Project List

    What do responsive web apps look like? Project List by Simple Focus gives us an idea of things to come: utilitarian yet stylish design, draggable widgets and workflow that… works.

  • 3

    How Google and Mozilla are Aiming to Make Web Apps Shine Offline

    Surprisingly, not all future web apps will require the web. This article discusses how Mozilla and Google are pushing technology that will allow downloaded apps to run offline.

  • 4

    Quickstart to Building Open Web Apps

    Open web apps aren’t all hype and wishful thinking. Mozilla details how to start building apps that run “natively” on desktop machines — given the right environment.

  • 5

    14 Tools and Extensions for Web App Development

    As designers start to delve into web app building, software makers are rising to the challenge. Existing tools and new tools alike aim to help designers build amazing apps with less fuss.

  • 6

    Preparing Your WordPress Site to Power a Single Page Web App

    Web apps don’t need fancy, cutting-edge tools to run. This article explains how ambitious developers can use WordPress to serve great apps on the web.

  • 7

    Building a Better Web Application Security Practice

    Like any complied app or online service, web apps are not immune to hacks, piracy, and other nasty attacks. Security is a must, as this article describes.

  • 8

    HTML5 is done, but two groups still wrestle over Web's future

    This month, the web reached a quiet milestone when the W3C announced that the HTML5 spec is complete. It’s done. It’s official. It’s… not over yet, because there’s HTML, and then there’s HTML.

  • 9

    There's Life Beyond the App Store

    From a lower learning curve to ubiquitous platforms, we find plenty of reasons to build responsive web apps over compiled, or native, apps. Turns out responsive web design and apps fit like white on a Yeti.

  • 10

    Ramp Up Your Product Design Education in the Advanced Foundation class

    If you want to learn more about product design, take our online Advanced Foundation course. This class carries on where our Intro to Foundation class left off, getting into higher-level techniques of our responsive CSS framework. Taught by the people who develop Foundation, you'll have the opportunity to ask them direct questions about Foundation. Prior Foundation experience is required. Join the next course at 9AM (PST) Dec. 9.

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