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March 2014

Companies and designers can struggle to decide how to meet a growing mobile audience. Should we go with a separate mobile site? Rebuild everything from the ground up? Or can we just add a few media queries to make it responsive? Of course, we've long argued responsive is the answer. While the way designers approach the challenge varies per project and design workflow, the need for adaptive content, layout and progressive enhancement is hard to ignore. To keep up, designers are learning skills that job seekers demand. But we can also learn from each other. This month we look at recent redesign case studies. Designers discuss what worked, what didn’t, what’s to come, and why.


  • 1

    BBC News Website: Responsive Design in Beta

    Senior Product Manager Niko Vijayaratnam talks about the upcoming changes to BBC News’s responsive website, including a more tablet-savvy layout.

  • 2

    How Walmart.ca’s Responsive Redesign Boost Conversion by 20%

    Walmart Canada recently unveiled its new responsive design, claimed to be the first enterprise ecommerce site in the country to make the switch. Walmart.ca’s Rick Neuman and Matt Ginsberg shared their insight about the decisions made during the redesign process.

  • 3

    St. John’s University Rolls Out New Drupal Site

    The digital media team at St. John’s University set out to do more than redesign their website. They set out to update their brand across many media, starting with their website.

  • 4

    WVU Research Responsive Redesign, Web Performance Optimization and More

    How big is a responsive website? Designer Chitra Tatachar discusses myths about the hassle, bloat, frameworks and workflow of converting a website with responsive design design.

  • 5

    Saul Good Gift Co. Case Study

    Saul Good Gift Co’s website had layers — so many that their website felt smothered. IdeaLEVER found its powerful story to tell, and gave the site a new beginning.

  • 6

    Q&A: Kia’s David Schoonover explains how responsive Web Fuels In-Dealership Experiences

    Well aware that 40% of its visitors use smartphones or tablets, automaker Kia redesigned its site with a responsive approach. In this interview with Kia National Manager David Schoonover we learn about their experience in moving a major site to mobile-friendliness.

  • 7

    Lenovo Responsive Web Design Project Summary

    To introduce responsive techniques to Lenovo, the involved teams were numerous, the content fluidity was critical, and the necessity for flexibility was paramount. Drew shares how it all came together.

  • 8

    Giving Back Through Responsive Web Design

    Working for a good cause, design agency MIGHTYminnow applied their design not only to make a better website, but also to help volunteers make updates without headaches with Adobe products.

  • 9

    CSS-Tricks goes to 11

    Chris Coyier applied his renown CSS-savviness for a slight site update. He discusses both the subtle and obvious tweaks in this post on the very site he updated.

  • 10

    Learn the Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design

    Our Introduction to Responsive Web Design course, 9AM PST April 22, teaches you how to design and build responsive web sites. This four-hour webinar is taught by our experts who built Foundation on these principles. You'll learn both the Design patterns and code bits that all designers and front-end coders should know. And it's held online so you can attend from anywhere.

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