Get Feedback in Context

Notebooks help teams get feedback and iterate faster. Annotate any type of screen — screenshot of live site, wireframe or visual mockups — and exchange contextual notes with your team to make the right decisions for your product.

Iterate faster with contextual feedback

Get feedback at every step of the design process so you can iterate with total confidence.

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Capture or upload screens

Capture or upload anything anytime

Notable is the most comprehensive application in giving and receiving feedback. You can upload sketch images, export mockups from Photoshop, grab a live site and so much more.

Give feedback directly on screens

Add notes directly on your design

Adding notes is simple and accurate. Just draw a box around the area you want to comment on, type in your feedback and save. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Show progress through versions

Iterate quickly and show progress

Add new versions of a post easily to keep your work organized. Your team will be able to add notes to the new screen, and they can quickly go back and see what changes you’ve made with ease.

Many ways to import your content

Capturing and uploading design work is simple, so you can focus on the feedback.

Browser plugins

Browser plugins

Grabbing a page behind a login? There’s a plugin for that! Available for Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

URL capture

URL capture

Copy and paste a URL, or hit the bookmarklet, and that page will be captured for you to comment on.

Bulk upload

Bulk image upload

Have a few mockups in the works? Upload them all at once and start getting feedback right away.

Upload PDF or PPT files

PDF & PPT import

We can parse PDFs and slide decks, too! Just upload the doc and we’ll create a post for each page or slide.

Sharing feedback is easy

Make your product better by asking others for a response on your idea.

Aha, after a few go-rounds on the feedback carousel, you’ve finally got that brass ring ’round your finger. Wonderful feeling, that.

Annotations Notaball!

Notebooks is a part of Notable Platform

Notable will help you design great products faster!

The service works without any hiccups, is easy to use, and clearly focused on giving a specific set of users the right tools to get the job done without being encumbered by lots of extra bells and whistles.

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