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We’re a close-knit team of product designers who help companies design better connected products and services. From sketch to code, we create sparks and set up businesses for wins, one design sprint at a time.

Our fast-paced design sprints are optimized for creating success. We don’t have project managers or move a project through departments. ZURBians are multi-disciplinarians who stick by your side from start to finish – from need finding to front-end code. Here’s how we can work together:

Need Finding. We start by opening up your challenge to ensure we’re going after the right opportunity as a team. We complete a competitive analysis and audit of any existing assets. We create an opportunity summary that will make your product stand out from others in the market. Our goal is to put your company on a faster growth trajectory.

Ideation. We use sketching as an efficient way to visualize a users’ stories. We focus on the tasks users will complete, making these interactions engaging and beneficial. In this phase, we identify the concepts that can bring success to the product and accelerate your company’s growth.

Prototyping. With the high-level interaction design decisions made during the Ideation phase, we capture the user interface in detailed high-fidelity wireframes. These are compiled into a clickable prototype to identify any gaps in the design and test with customers. We finish this phase by annotating wireframes to guide a development team through implementation of the design.

Visual Design. With the application structure and layout nailed down, we work with you to create a flexible, scalable visual design. We begin with creative direction to determine tone and style, followed by creating design layouts based on product requirements, aesthetics and usability.

Front-End Code. We use our open-source framework Foundation to code key pages of the product, selected for their importance and variety of unique elements. Additionally, we provide a Coded Style Guide so your team is able to continue evolving and enhancing the product.

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  • Mozilla WebFWD
    Quote-mark It’s delightful to have ZURB as a partner. In addition to constantly developing the best, innovative tools for web development and design, they are able to share their always-current expertise with our teams in the most entertaining and accessible ways. We Love the ZURB team!
    Diane Bisgeier, Senior Program Manager
  • AboutUS
    Quote-mark ZURB brought to the table a well-thought-out process that allowed our team to focus on the creative aspects of our website design. They also came up with a number of suggestions that went well beyond our current thinking.
    Raymond King, CEO

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