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Notable is a platform of applications that enables Progressive Design. Based on 16 years of Product Design experience it allows you to host static code, annotate, prototype, test, and present design work.

Designing products is really hard. It requires more than just a strong vision, but momentum and drive to learn from each iteration and get buy-in along the way. Most of all, it takes a team working together, pushing each other toward the win. We’ve been helping clients build products here at ZURB since 1998 with our Studios business, clients like Samsung, Netflix, SAP, Facebook and hundreds more. In order to ensure consistent wins, we developed a methodology and set tools that we use internally on all of our projects based on our years of experience.

These tools are battle-tested day in and day out and the process has been so thoroughly refined that it produces consistent, repeatable results. Notable is the result of that work - a platform of five powerful apps that helps people design better products, faster through Progressive Design. With Notable you can share and organize work, host static code, annotate, prototype, test, present design work and win at product design.

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  • TechCrunch
    Quote-mark What if you could poll users about a new design, before you’d done the legwork required to put together the images, HTML, CSS and underlying code of a new site? Meet Verify, a user feedback platform that’s based on screenshots
    Jason Kincaid, Writer
  • Mashable
    Quote-mark As much as I love annotation tools like LittleSnapper and OmniGraffle, those tools really aren't made for collaborating with others. Notable is.
    Christina Warren, Senior Tech Correspondent

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