Week In Review: ZURB.com Launch, Foundation Icon Fonts Release and Startup Pitfalls

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We're back with our look at the past week in review. Boy, it was an exciting one for us. We launched our new ZURB.com website and released an awesome new font set that you should download today!

In case you missed them, here are the biggest reads from the past week.

Mobile Verify Tests

Jonathan wrote a great post last week on how we used Foundation to mobilize Verify tests. We had a great post on the Verify blog on the new multi-device feature, so we dive a little deeper in this post.

ZURB.com Redesign

Our first major launch from last week — the new ZURB.com redesign. Our team was stoked to see it go live and Anthony filled our readers in with how it came to be. Let us know your thoughts on the new website in the comments!

Foundation Icon Fonts

New Foundation icon fonts highlighted our second major launch. Chris offers a sneak peek at Foundation 3.0, filling us in on the process and benefits from using the fonts. You can download it right now and check it out on the Playground.

It's a Trap!

Companies often fall into traps they don't intend to fall into. Ryan references Noah Wasserman in his post about how to avoid common startup pitfalls. Through surrounding yourself with the right people, you can persist and make it through any challenge.

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