Foundation for Emails 2 is Here!

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It's time. Foundation for Emails 2, the successor to Ink, has landed ashore! When Ink first launched in 2013, it made HTML email development suck less by giving developers a full responsive grid and set of components that worked right in any email client - even Outlook. Ink was the first product to take email best practices and create a framework out of them. Since then, companies of all shapes and sizes - Airbnb, Vice, Express, the Golden State Warriors - have been using Ink to easily produce great email campaigns. Now, with Foundation for Emails 2, we're streamlining email development workflow even more.

What's New?

We've put a lot of work into making Foundation for Emails feel familiar to the millions of designers and developers who already use Foundation for Sites. Whether it's building with the grid, using Sass variables, or developing in our ZURB Template-inspired email developer, you'll feel right at home.

Here's what's hot in version 2:

A Sass codebase. Fans of Sass can now access a full settings file, giving you complete control over the visual styles of the framework. The component and variable names all have direct analogues to ones in Foundation for Sites, making it feel instantly familiar.

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A full email development workflow. When Foundation for Sites 6 launched, we unveiled the ZURB Template, an all-in-one workflow for making static sites. We've done the same for HTML emails now with the ZURB Email Stack. Write HTML and Sass, compress images, and inline emails all in one starter template!

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Inky, a simpler way to write HTML emails. Ink streamlined the process of writing HTML code for emails, but you still had all those tables to deal with. Who needs 'em? The ZURB Email Stack includes Inky, a new templating language that converts simple HTML tags like <row> and <columns> into full table syntax.

Get Started Now

Much like with Foundation for Sites, we've got two ways to get started writing HTML emails with Foundation for Emails. The basic CSS download includes everything you need to get started right away: a boilerplate HTML file, the Foundation CSS, and twelve pre-made email templates to get you going. We've got a full tutorial that covers the whole process, from downloading to making a grid to inlining.

For fans of Sass, the ZURB Email Stack gives you access to a powerful build system with everything you need to develop HTML emails. And if you have the Foundation CLI on your computer, you can already install Emails projects! Like with the CSS version, we've got a full tutorial for the Sass version that explains how the ZURB Email Stack works.

Get Involved

Foundation is a community effort'we couldn't do it without viewers like you. If you run into a bug with the framework, report it on GitHub so we can help you out. Or, if you're not afraid to sail the stormy seas of HTML email yourself, submit a pull request and make your mark on the codebase!

We've also got a milestone for version 2.0.1, so you can see what's next for Foundation for Emails. Hope to see you around!

Download Foundation for Emails 2

New ZURB Master Class: Responsive Email

We've compiled all of our knowledge and insights on responsive HTML emails in a new online video course! Master responsive email by learning how to rapidly design and develop responsive emails that are on-message and display well on just about every screen, browser, and email client out there ' even Outlook.

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