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Conquer responsive emails by learning how to rapidly design and develop emails with focused messaging that look beautiful on nearly every email client out there - even Outlook.

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Tried-and-true methods

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A workflow that works

Use our battle-tested workflow to write responsive emails for any device.

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Use our experience

Build on our best practices and learned lessons to craft responsive emails from simple markup.

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Design confidently

Learn how to structure responsive emails compatible with all major clients and devices.


Your instructors are ZURB’s product designers

tim hartwick
Tim Hartwick

Tim knows how to web like it's 1999, which is why he's our go-to Foundation for Emails designer. Tim takes you on a deep dive into how to design your emails, and get your designs ready to code.

brandon arnold
Brandon Arnold
Design Lead

Brandon is a Foundation mastermind. He contributed several key components of the latest version of our framework, and walks you through getting started with Foundation for Emails.

rafi benkual
Rafi Benkual
Foundation Advocate

A troubleshooting master and Foundation expert, Rafi shares with you his experience building, testing, and debugging hundreds of responsive emails. Rafi teaches you how to code, test, and debug your emails with ease.

daniel codella
Daniel Codella

Daniel, our marketing guru, brings his email marketing experience, and walks you through email strategies and best practices that help you achieve your marketing goals.

daniel codella
Mandi Saeteun

A get-projects-moving champion, Mandi brings her finely-tuned sketching skills to the class, and walks you through how to quickly move work forward with sketches.

tim hartwick
Dave Zinsman
Business Designer

Dave brings his quant-jock skills to the email marketing workflow and walks you through high-level tactics to visualize and build your email marketing.

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A Word From Our Students

Here's a few words from folks who took the course.

Delivered on what you promised. I walked away with a better understanding of email best practices.

Kurt Potts

Kurt Potts


You covered from start to finish what it takes to create, test, and deliver a responsive e-mail. The instructors were very friendly and pretty engaging. The content was solid.

Sophia Kuo

Sophia Kuo

Really clearly laid out the landscape of all the email clients and their quirks. Gave really great testing focus.

Ema Loftis

What you’ll learn in this class

In this course, you’ll learn how to quickly go from marketing goals to deployed emails that display correctly on just about every screen, browser, and email client out there—even Outlook. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to approach any responsive email challenge.


You’ll be able to challenge yourself in the real-world exercises that put your skills to the test. If you choose a Coaching or Certification track, you’ll also get personalized feedback on your work, as well as access to live webinar-based class coaching sessions with ZURB instructors.

  • Understand Email Strategies

    Learn how to create full email campaigns for your product or service from start to finish. You'll learn the techniques the ZURB team uses to get people using our apps and services and the emails that keep users coming back.

    • Promotional Emails
    • Drip Campaigns
    • Transactional Emails
  • Frame the Marketing Challenge

    We'll explore the ZURB P.L.E.A.S.E. Method and work on engaging and converting email content.

    • The P.L.E.A.S.E. Method
    • Outline Your Opportunities
  • Translate Opportunities into a Layout

    Use sketching and wireframing techniques to plan effective emails that your design team can be proud to call their own.

    • Opportunity Sketching
    • Ideation Sketching
    • Lo-Fi Wireframes
    • Hi-Fi Wireframe
  • Foundation for Emails

    Get to know the ins and outs of the new Foundation for Emails Framework, so you and your team can get up and running quickly.

    • Downloading & Getting Started
    • Templates
    • Panini
    • Using Inky
    • The Grid
    • Visibility Classes
    • Buttons
    • Menus
    • Patterns
  • Code Your Email

    Now dive into coding complete layouts by scaffolding a marketing email, styling it with Sass and creating reusable patterns.

    • Responsive Coding Approach
    • Code Header
    • Code Layout
    • How to Style With Sass
    • Background Color
    • Font Sizes
    • Changing Primary and Secondary Colors
    • Global Margin
  • Test and Debug Your Email

    Next up we'll inline our emails styles, test our emails and fix some common bugs that may arise across browsers.

    • Inlining
    • Litmus Setup
    • Test & Retest
  • Finalizing & Optimizing

    Once our email is tested and looking great we'll learn about optimizing our emails for fast load times and large open rates.

    • File size
    • Inlining
    • Alt Tags
    • Optimizing Images
  • Building & Maintaining Your List

    Finally we'll provide tips to keep your emails out of the spam folder and into inboxes for all your users.

    • ESP
    • Avoiding the Spam Box
    • CAN-SPAM & Legal

Why our course format rocks

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Access the lectures and exercises from anywhere in the world, and complete the class at your own pace.

Live coaching
Live Coaching

Choose a Coached or Certification package to receive feedback on your work, and access to live webinar-based class coaching sessions.

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Real-World Exercises

Course exercises are built around case studies, so you can test what you've learned in a real-world context.

Keep on track with our learning managment system

Our new learning management system sets you up for success with an easy way to get through the course. See your lecture progress and pickup where you left off at any time. Quizzes and coding exercises are easy to find and complete, making it easy to verify your mastery as you progress.


Simple Pricing

$299 / person

Learn how to take your responsive email to the next level.

  • All course lectures
  • All course exercises
$499 / person

Learn how to take your responsive email to the next level. Get personalized feedback on your work, and access to live webinar-based coaching.

  • All course lectures
  • All course exercises
  • Personalized feedback on your classwork
  • 4 hours of live feedback
$1,499 / person

Reach the same level of proficiency designing and developing responsive emails as ZURB's instructors.

  • All course lectures
  • All course exercises
  • Personalized feedback on your classwork
  • 8 hours of live feedback
  • Advanced exercises

Please contact us at [email protected] for volume pricing.

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Questions and answers

Who this class is for
Who’s this course for?

This course is designed for those who desire to take their email design and development skills to the next level.

Are there prerequisites?

You should have at least a basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What will I be able to do after this course?

You’ll understand how to shape targeted messaging; sketch out your emails; turn your email sketches into wireframes that help remove guesswork before getting into code; code your email; test & debug; and finalize & optimize images. You’ll also get tips and tricks on many granular details to fine tune your email workflow.

If I choose the Content track, can I upgrade to Coached in the future?

Yes, you may upgrade to either a Coached or Certification track 60 days from your Content track purchase.

How long will it take me to finish the course?

We designed the course so that someone with working knowledge of HTML and CSS can complete the course within 1 month, spending 3-4 hours per week on classwork. For those who choose the Certification track, completion should take 3 months, spending 3-4 hours per week on the course.

How the Class Works
What is the lecture format?

This course lectures are in an on-demand video format.

Are there quizzes?

Yes, each main section has a short quiz to reinforce key lecture takeaways.

Can I skip ahead if I want?

If you enter the Content and Coached tracks, yes—feel free to skip ahead. If you enter the Certification track, no—all exercises must be completed in order.

What are the exercises?

The exercises are built around case studies, and put you into a real-world challenge. They start with a short briefing of the challenge context, situation, and the role you’ll be assuming. You’ll then complete the assigned deliverables which test your ability to put what you’ve learned into actual practice.

How long do I get access to the video lectures and exercises?

Content: you get access to current content indefinitely, and all lecture and exercise updates for 6 months. Coached: you get access to current content indefinitely, and all lecture & exercise updates for 12 months. Certification: you get access to current content indefinitely, and all lecture & exercise updates for 36 months.

Getting Feedback on Classwork
How do I get feedback on my work?

If you choose a Coached or Certification track, you’ll have access to both instructor feedback notes on your work, and access to live webinar-based coaching.

How does the live webinar-based coaching work?

Every week, ZURB instructors will hold a 1-hour webinar-based coaching session which is open to the course. To get coaching on your coursework, simply submit your work via our collaboration platform, Notable, and RSVP to the coaching session. During the session, the instructor will provide feedback on your work via screen share, so you can remediate quickly.

When will the live webinar-based coaching sessions be held?

They will be held once per week. They will alternate between mornings and afternoons Pacific (UTC/GMT -8 hours) to help allow for attendance in different time zones.

How long will the live webinar-based coaching sessions be available to me?

With the Coached track, you get 2 months to attend any 4 coaching sessions. With the Certification track, you get 4 months to attend any 8 coaching sessions.

What is Notable?

Notable is a Progressive Design platform that ZURB built for teams to take design collaboration to the next level.

Do I have to pay for Notable?

If you choose a Coached track, you get 2 months of complimentary access. If you choose a Certification track, you get 4 months of complimentary access.

Certification Track Details
Who is the Certification track for?

The Certification track is designed for those who need to be able to assess and improve an organization’s full HTML email workflow. The Content and Coached tracks include exercises and feedback on general responsive email patterns which the student can apply to any email pattern. The Certification track includes specific exercises that deep dive into not only promotional emails, but transactional, as well as drip campaign emails.

What are the advanced exercises in the Certification track?

The advanced exercises present you with real-world challenges that test your ability to take unclear marketing goals, and formulate focused email marketing strategies for promotional, transactional, and drip campaign emails, and execute those strategies.

For the Certification track, how am I assessed to achieve certification?

You will have several graded case studies to prepare you for the final Certification Challenge. You must achieve a score of 95% or above on all of your exercises to be able to advance to the final Certification Challenge.

For the Certification track, how long do I have to complete the course?

You will have 6 months to complete the course, and achieve your Certification.

In the Certification track, how many chances do I get to pass the Final Challenge?

You get two chances to pass the final Challenge. If you do not receive a passing score on your first Challenge, you’ll be given a remediation plan and will be able to receive coaching before your second Challenge.

If I achieve Certification, how long is it in effect?

Your Certification will be in effect for 2 years from pass date.

If I achieve Certification, how do I recertify?

Included with your Certification is one complimentary recertification, which will be good for an additional 2 years.

For those who achieve Certification, is there a verification service?

Yes, for those who achieve Certification, ZURB will provide verification services as long as the Certification is in effect.

What is included in Certification verification service?

Upon your request, ZURB will provide verification of your Certification directly to employers, trade organizations, colleges, and universities. We will issue verification of your name, Certification date, and current Certification length. ZURB will not initiate verification service requests by others on your behalf. Please contact us directly to initiate verification services.

If I want to recertify after my single complimentary recertification, how much is it?

Due to the rapidly changing landscape of technology and associated best practices, we set a limit on standalone recertification to 4 years. After 4 years from your initial certification, a new Certification may be received by completing the updated course, which you may redeem at a Certification Alumni Discount for 25% off.