Wireframes, Responsive Web Design and Many Other ZURBwords

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We've been working furiously on writing articles on design concepts that everyone should know, but with our own unique spin. We like to call these pieces ZURBwords. With the year coming to an end, we thought we'd do a wrap up of our most recent words so that you can have an excuse to avoid the after Christmas shopping hordes at the mall.


Earlier this year, we declared that are dead, long live wireframes. In that post, which sparked some healthy debate inside and outside the office, we advocated for coded wireframes. We delve even deeper into the ins and outs of wireframes in this ZURBword.

Responsive Web Design

As you know, we believe in not letting friends design in 960px. We're strong advocates for responsive web design, which is why we continue to improve Foundation. We've talked about designing responsively a lot on this blog, including a recent year in review, but now we've also written a one-stop resource for learning all about responsive design.

Mobile First

Our friend and advisor Luke Wrobleski coined the term Mobile First a few years ago. But what does it really mean to design with a mobile-first mentality? Here's where we examine how you can design with mobile at the top of your mind.

Modular Scale

When it came to the typography of Foundation, we turned to modular scale. We examine how this musical concept actually helps designers.


You don't have to be Ensign Chekov from "Star Trek" to navigate a web page. We chart a course to help you figure out the best navigation for your products.


Iteration is crucial to any product. We have to iterate, iterate and iterate some more. We take you through our own iterative process and show you how it can help take a product to the next level.

Unmoderated User Testing

User testing helps validate concepts and ensures our products work out in the wild. But some forms of user testing are more costly than others. Unmoderated user testing is one way to get the results we need without too much overhead.

Confidence Intervals

A crucial aspect of unmoderated user testing is confidence intervals. That's why we broke out the concept and wrote an article centered solely around it.

These are just a few of our most recent words. As we head into the New Year, there will be plenty more to come! Stay tuned. Same ZURB channel. Same ZURB time.

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