Week In Review: Modular Scale, ZURBwired 2012 And A Debate Amongst Entrepreneurs

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This week, we're giving you another sneak peek at Foundation 3.0. with our latest post on Modular Scale. We take a big stab at settling a common entrepreneurial debate and announce our call for ZURBwired applications.

Without further ado, here's a rundown of our last week of articles:

Foundation 3.0. and Modular Scale

We're revamping our type based on Modular Scale in Foundation 3.0. Chris takes us under the hood to show what this change means for Foundation 3.0 users. A consistent vertical model on the page is key, and this component is another step that will help Foundation become your standard for responsive web prototyping.

Entrepreneurs — The whining has to stop

Some entrepreneurs highlight limited sleep, lost weekends and constant stress as part of the life — but there are also a fair number of entrepreneurs who don't align themselves with this lifestyle. Ryan breaks down an interesting debate from Quora that highlights this conversation. Entrepreneurs should invest themselves in their craft and have passion for what they do.

Design's equivalent to preventative medicine is rapid, responsive prototyping

We believe rapid, responsive prototyping is crucial for a smartphone-hooked society. Matt's talk at HTML 5 Dev Conf. helped inspire and instruct attendees on doing this. We have the full-length presentation here for you!

ZURBwired 2012 is coming up!

We're excited to announce ZURBwired 2012, which will be held Aug. 2nd. We're currently accepting submissions through June 29th, so if you work for or know of a great nonprofit who would be a potential fit for us, shoot them our way! We're looking forward to this awesome, once-a-year 24-hour marathon.

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