Our Culture

We’re proud of our work we’re able to accomplish, and much of the credit goes to our amazing and unique culture.

Life as a ZURBian

We’re proud of our work we’re able to accomplish, and much of the credit goes to our amazing and unique culture. Along with our values, our culture helps us come together to overcome problems and achieve great things.

Along with our values, our culture helps us come together to overcome problems and achieve great things.

Our node structure is not built on job titles or roles but on influence, allowing us to move great ideas forward fast and execute them quickly. Because we like to make things happen, we prefer stand-ups and quick checkins to long meetings. We like to keep the energy high and invite everyone can grab a marker and sketch out an idea.

We have several cherished traditions here including Friday15, our weekly fifteen minutes of creative games and activities, and ZURB Wired, our annual 24 hour design sprint for charity. Not to mention our various ZURBified holiday celebrations, company outings, BBQ’s, Nerf gun wars (every ZURBian is issued one, so look alive if it gets too quiet), and our latest culinary creation, the “Baffle.”

While our work can be challenging at times, we strive to support each other and create an atmosphere that’s creative, respectful, and fun.

We’re on a quest for world domination

Empowerment is the key idea that flows through our values, work and relationships. We’re not big on rules — those are meant to be broken! But we do believe in a core set of values that help each ZURBian work through tough problems on their own.

  • Build on opportunity

    ZURB is built on opportunity. Opportunity to learn. Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to take risks. Opportunity to be your best. It's the focus in everything we do.

  • Be a coach

    Our leadership is built on the assumption that everyone is capable of accomplishing awesome things. Give people a chance to win. Everyone is a coach. Teach.

  • Stay open-minded

    Everyone can be open to change by being curious, learning, and considering ideas that are not their own.

  • Fail fast

    Failure provides everyone an opportunity to learn. Give people a shot to iterate. We must help each other recover and move on.

  • Make it happen

    Not all projects will be easy. As an individual and a team we will figure out how to overcome obstacles that prevent us from getting work done. Learn every day.

  • Find wins together

    It's not enough to do a job. We want to make great things happen with our teammates in every project we work on. Think big!

The Command Center

Our award winning HQ is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and was meticulous designed to cultivate awesomeness. Located in charming downtown Campbell, our 12,000 square-foot space is our command center. Downstairs is a 5,000 square foot multi-use space where we hold meetups, Soapboxes, and even work out in (office yoga anyone?). Upstairs is our main “work” space, a cubicle free open office complete with a kitchen stocked with goodies, a bar top where we hold our morning scrums, and a huge balcony that’s perfect for BBQ’s.

Surrounding this open space are breakout rooms each equipped with whiteboards, flatscreens, and Apple TVs so you can project your work and get some quick feedback or just throw up the latest meme that’s cracking you up. We’ve gotten really creative with the way we decorate our desks, and if you find one empty, be sure to check a nearby beanbag. ZURBians loooove working in bean bags. Oh, and if you’d like to play DJ for the day, stream some tunes over the speaker system (We’re pretty cool with most genres, although musicals once led to an office civil war).

Our Natural Habitat

Sandwiched between its bigger siblings San Francisco and San Jose, Campbell is an awesome little city that’s been our home for years. We’re a 5 minute walk from the downtown strip where you’ll find all kinds of amazing restaurants, bars, vintage stores, and one of the coolest record shops in the area.

Campbell is also perfectly situated to give you easy access to everything the Bay Area has to offer. Drive 40 minutes south to check out our amazing redwoods, ride the Big Dipper wooden roller coaster at the Boardwalk, or try your hand surfing some of our famous waves in Santa Cruz. Hop on 280 North to visit San Francisco to check out a concert, sail around the bay or see the famous Golden Gate. And if you’re a sports fan, we’ve got some of the best teams in the country including the San Jose Sharks, the Oakland A’s and Raiders, the San Francisco 49’ers and Giants, and the Golden State Warriors (who also happen to be fans of our Foundation framework, Go Warriors!).