Palo Alto Networks

The Shortcut to Unleashing An Avalanche of New Enterprise Sales

Palo Alto Networks looked to ZURB to help them design an eye-catching, information dense PDF to successfully reach their target customers.

Palo Alto Networks is the next-generation security company maintaining trust in the digital age by helping tens of thousands of organizations worldwide prevent cyber breaches.


Palo Alto Networks provides enterprise-level next-generation firewalls and security features for business networks. The solutions that Palo Alto Networks provide their clientele are extremely customized, with free trials that give potential clients complete access to their products and services before they make the decision to buy. To help generate new sales, Palo Alto Networks asked ZURB to helped design an eye catching PDF report that could be customized for each new prospective customers. Because these documents are tailored for enterprise level executives, they had to address the needs and questions these people might have in a compelling way.

To better understand the mindset of these individuals, we interviewed executives and other decision makers who would be potential readers of this document and discovered the following Design Insight:

Executives prefer clear, concise, and easy to read reports because they have limited time to conduct in-depth analysis personally.

With that Design Insight in mind, we began work in a series of clear, colorful chart templates that would help Palo Alto Networks convey network threats, bandwidth, app usage, and other details in a way that executives would be able to quickly understand and skim. Our next suggestion was for the document to have a systemized recommendation page, with a personalized and customized solution that addressed each issue highlighted in the report.

The result is a bold PDF template that clearly conveys Palo Alto Networks’ expertise in the space, highlights their customized solutions, and makes the decision to move forward a no-brainer for their target audience.

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