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ZURB improved customer experience by redesigning ClickTools' core tool experience and visual presentation.

Clicktools enables companies to collect, centralize, and act on feedback using surveys, call scripts, and web forms integrated with Salesforce.


ClickTools helps companies improve the customer experience by enabling them to build a feedback program using surveys, scripts, and forms across the entire customer journey. Their test builder employs some pretty complicated logic under the hood and is used enterprise level customers to create sophisticated surveys. We partnered with ClickTools to redesign the builder interface, with the aim to improve the overall experience in increase the number of completed surveys created.

We audited the ClickTools existing builder to look for opportunities to improve the design and constructed a few quick prototypes to work through some top level ideas. The results of these tests yielded this Design Insight:

Completion rates for the survey builder were higher when clients were able to preview the survey as they built it because it gave them more confidence in the end result.

To maximize on this insight, we completely revamped the survey creation experience to be more efficient and intuitive. We gave users the ability to zoom in and out, from a broad level overview of the survey down into each step so they could preview the survey at any step of the process. This helped them build trust and have more confidence in what the quality of the test.

By pinpointing exactly where users experience uncertainty, we were able to design a workflow that reinforced trust and built confidence at every point, leading to more completions and satisfied customers.

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