Bryan Zmijewski

Leading the charge at ZURB since 1998

Our fearless leader has been driving progressive design at ZURB since 1998. That makes him quite the instigator around the offices, consistently challenging both the team and our customers to strive to always do better and better. Check out some of his thoughts here and follow him at @bryanzmijewski.

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System thinking is the core of successful continuous discovery.

System thinking is the core of successful continuous discovery.Before the rise of design thinking, system thinking played a crucial role in shaping software projects. With the emergence of the internet, these systems naturally evolved into social systems. However, introducing design thinking shifted the focus toward empathy, emphasizing a more user-centric approach to product development.

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I come from the capital D design camp.

I come from the capital D design camp.Design thinking is a well-known concept, but its origins and evolution are less commonly understood.

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Our Fearless Leader

Part man, part muse, Bryan Zmijewski leads ZURB and holds the title of “Chief Instigator.” A Stanford grad and lecturer, one of Bryan’s first gigs was designing toys for IDEO. In 1998 he started what was to become ZURB and has been shaping and changing the way people think about building products through Progressive Design ever since. Bryan has boundless energy and spends his days challenging us to think bigger and supporting us when the road gets a little bumpy. Meet Bryan