Verify Tests let you gauge your design work and gain insights into your users' expectations and reactions to your product before you write a single line of code. Your team will love the stylish, actionable reports that'll help them make informed design decisions.

Many ways to survey your designs

With so many tools at your disposal, you’ll never have to guess what your users are thinking.

Preference test


Which of two options do users prefer? Show two screens and let users pick and say why they picked it.

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Click test


Where will users click on a screen, based on your instructions? This is a quick, simple test.

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Yes/No test


Do people click where you need them to? Define the correct areas and see what percentage click on them.

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Annotate test


What do users think of a screen? Let them add free-form notes on a screen and provide quick feedback.

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Memory test


What do users remember about a screen after 5 seconds? See if they remember what you expect them to.

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Label test


Concerned about understanding of certain elements? Ask users to label elements you select with this test.

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Mood test


How does a screen make users feel? See if your design provokes the right emotional response.

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Question test


Create a Likert, Multiple Choice, or Free Response question and get results with or without a screenshot.

Real-time, controlled results

You don’t have to wait until the test is complete to get the data you need.

Test on any device

Verify is web-based, so testers can give you feedback from their phone, tablet or PC. You can even specify which device you want the test to taken.

Purchase test results

Tests are easy to take, and if you don’t have anyone to test your product, just select a target demographic from our pool of testers.

Collect Demographics

Tests can only be taken once, and you get full control over when to pause or preview your test.

Data is dd-definitive. Facts are facts. You can not change them any more than you can change sugar pops into real styrofoam.

Verify Notaball!

Customize and share test reports

Drive your team to action with customizable reports.

See detailed test reports

Customize reports

Get multivariate, demographic, and raw data. Then, filter your reports down to only the information you need.

Choose who sees test results

Make your test results public to share with others or visible only to you for those confidential occasions.

Export raw data

You can also easily export your data as a demographic summary or a list of your raw data in a PDF or Excel document.

Verify Tests are now part of Notable Platform

Notable will help you design great products faster!

Reading the raw data from the annotated tests has been very insightful. Users point out problems that I’ve never even thought of.

Jason Bowman, Groupon

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