Quickly Prototype Flows

Prototypes lets you create clickable prototypes from sketches, wireframes, or visual mockups. Simply upload screens, add hotspots to link them together and start testing your ideas with real users.

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Create simple click flows

Test your design at any stage

Test concepts in sketches, validate wireframes or bring mockups to life.

Validate interaction decisions

See if users are able to accomplish a specific task and ask what they thought about your idea.

Conduct user tests across devices

Prototypes work on any device, so you can test your prototype the way it's meant to be used.

See the interface through their eyes

Easily test ideas on any device and validate your design decisions.

In-person user testing


Sit down with your testers one-on-one, observe as they use your prototype and ask the tough questions to get the deepest insight.

Remote user testing


Connect with your testers anywhere in the world over the phone line or web conference and watch as they interact with your prototype live!

Unmoderated user testing


Let testers use your prototype on their own devices anytime, anywhere. Later, see where they clicked and read the comments they left you.

Purchase test results

Purchase test results

Use our network of user testers to purchase unbiased, quality results from a demographically-diverse audience.

Find problem areas quickly

Actionable data rolls in quickly, so you can start making decisions and improving your idea right away.

Well, I’ll be just swaney if that user flow isn’t the sweetest design this side of sugared honey.

Solidify Notaball!

Where did they click?

Raw click data shows exactly where your testers clicked.

Did they get stuck or confused?

Find out how long your users spent on each screen and identify problem spots.

Did they complete the test?

Learn how many testers were successful in completing a specific interaction.

Who was more successful?

Filter your results by demographics to hone in on your target audience.

Prototypes are a part of Notable.

Notable apps will help you quickly design great products.

[Notable] takes care of one of the most annoying parts of building an interface: testing clickable prototypes.

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