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Get Feedback in Context

Annotate any type of screen using Notable Notebooks —screenshots of a live site, wireframes or visual mockups. Exchange feedback in context to avoid misunderstandings and iterate faster.

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Add notes directly on your designs

No more confusion about which button or what menu item - all of your feedback displayed directly in context. Simply draw a box on the image and start typing feedback.

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Give and solicit feedback to iterate faster and push designs forward

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No more struggling with schedules to get everyone in a room to look at a design. Simply Share a secure link to your team, clients, or stakeholders and they'll be able to leave feedback asynchronously using any device.

Keep annotations on your designs all in one place

Never have to search through your email to find feedback again. Quickly access all of your conversations related to a design in our new sidebar. Update with new versions in place to keep all of your work organized.

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What our users are saying

"[Notable] has provided me with a quick and easy way to bring both low and high fidelity wireframe prototype to life. This leads to more effective ways of quantifying different conceptual design and navigational paths. ZURB nailed this tool!!"

Michael Rawlins, ESPN

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  • Browser plugins
    Browser plugins

    Grabbing a page behind a login? There’s a plugin for that! Available for Chrome. Firefox and Safari are coming soon. Download it here.

  • URL capture
    Bulk image upload

    Have a few mockups in the works? Upload them all at once and start getting feedback right away.

  • Upload PDF or PPT files
    PDF & PPT import

    We can parse PDFs and slide decks, too! Just upload the doc and we’ll create a post for each page or slide.

  • Bulk upload
    Send out a private URL

    Need to share with someone not on Notable? Each post includes an unguessable URL you can send along.

  • Feedback on devices
    Give feedback on any device

    Notable is web-based, so all you have to do is log in from your phone, tablet or PC to give feedback.

  • Export PDF
    Export posts as a PDF

    For offline users, export your post as PDF file that you can print and distribute to your colleagues.

Iteration builds momentum! By regularly giving and receiving feedback, your team can find the wins necessary to fuel momentum and keep on the right path!

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