Influence Pages let you effectively present design mockups, visuals and presentations to your team and clients. Have the ultimate presentation flexibility so you can get feedback and keep your iterations in one place.

Put your work in the best light

Structure your presos and get the right type of feedback.

Influence Notaball!
Create polished design presentations

Present any type of design work

Stucture and organize your work

Present your design work in a structured way using titles and descriptions. Then group designs together to create a story with your work. You can also use Markdown and even write custom HTML!

Show progress with rounds

Show progress with Rounds

Organize your work into rounds to show how your work has evolved with every design decision. Quickly get new team members up to speed by showing them a history of your work.

Add pips for specific feedback

Get targeted feedback

Get comments on the round and on each preso image. You can also ask specific questions on any image to get the targeted feedback you need. Call out changes directly on the work and get questions answered!

Make your presentation your own

Presenting made easy, so all you have to worry about is the next iteration!

Structured presos

Structured presos

Quickly organize your design work and show it in thumbnails or fullscreen presentations.

Link external contnet

External content

Present any URL as part of your design work. Link to Google Drive, even a GitHub repo.

User Foundation markup

Freeform markup

Some presentations need extra flexibility. Use HTML markup to make a preso exactly as you envision.

Come one, come all! We invite you to create the greatest product ever designed by human ingenuity!

Influence Notaball!

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Reading the raw data from the annotated tests has been very insightful. Users point out problems that I’ve never even thought of.

Jason Bowman, Groupon

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