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Money Isn't Everything

October 2014

When we did a survey earlier this year (link to previous survey), we found that the number one reason designers leave a job was because they didn't advance in the company. But advancement could mean a great deal number of things, so we decided that we needed to how designers exactly defined the word.

We followed up with a survey of 100 designers. The number one answer, right above money: new skills training.


New Skills Training


Salary Increase


More Job Responsibility


A New Title


A New Team To Manage


A Promotion


Leading Projects

Money was second, followed by more job responsibilities. What does this mean? Designers aren't always looking for more money as a means of advancement, and that it's tied to both new training and having more responsibilities. As one person said:

No matter the title or the people you manage, what best defines advancement is the chance to face new challenges on your work. A salary increase could mean you are still doing the same tasks, and training doesn't always relate to ACTUALLY doing what you are training for.

That's not to say money isn't a motivator, but when it's tied to both new skills and more responsibilities, than a designer will be even more satisfied.

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