Week In Review: Product Design Conversions, Passion and Seed Funding

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This past week, our blog content centered around the theme of challenge. Product designers and entrepreneurs alike face challenges that they cannot anticipate, so addressing problems and challenges quickly will help move projects forward.

Without further ado, here are some of our biggest posts from the past week. We highlight product design tips as well as how to address challenges with problems, waning passion and securing your seed round.

6 Persuasive Product Design Steps

Compelling product design positions a company well for conversions. Eric Schaffer's video examines six steps to persuasive design — and Ryan expands upon his points to show how product designers can get conversions.

Be a Proactive Problem Solver

It's immensely important to take a proactive approach in solving your problems. Ryan examines three ways you can do just this — and avoid inhibiting your project progress.

Keep Your Passion High

New opportunities often present various challenges we simply cannot anticipate when we start out. In this post, Forrest highlights the example of a school teacher turned accountant and shares advice for keeping passion high when chasing desires.

Nail Your Seed Funding Pitch

There's enough pressure building something people want, but what about pursuing your seed round? There are a lot of questions to consider before diving headfirst into the process. Ryan presents these in a digestible, bulleted format. Don't over think it, now!

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