Podcast & Highlights from Soapbox with Founder of WordPress

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The soapbox with Matt Mullenweg the Founder of Wordpress last Friday was off the hook! We had close to 100 guests join us to help celebrate WordPress's 8th birthday and chat with Matt about the ups and downs along the way.

Matt Mullenweg's Soapbox Podcast and Summary

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Transforming the Lives of Adults With Disabilities Through 24 Hours of Design
Zurbwired2016 zurbwired
#ZURBWired 2016: We Are Live!
Every Day Is A Great Hair Day for Our New Video Producer

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Joel Falconer (ZURB) says

"If you don't know how to write code, you shouldn't be blogging."

Lol, because learning to code automatically grants you the skills of a professional writer or journalist.

Louisa Rodrigez (ZURB) says

Interesting talk. My favorite takeaway is "trust is the most important thing". So true! Can't do anything without it. Didn't know you guys have these on regular basis. Is there a place where I can view through the others you've had?

Dmitry (ZURB) says

@Joel - haha! We had a good laugh over that quote during the talk. The elite in the open source community say funny things sometimes. :)

Dmitry (ZURB) says

@Louisa - Thanks for the shout. You know - the quote about trust is probably the one I'll remember the most from the talk as well. There are tons of other great moments from our chat as well, but this one struck a chord with me.

To answer your question: you can find podcasts and summaries of other soapboxes here: http://zurbsoapbox.com