Building Pageless Apps with Rails and Backbone.js at RailsConf 2011

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We are super excited to have been invited to speak at RailsConf this year about the work we are doing with Pageless Apps. As we mentioned in a previous post, Backbone.js is our weapon of choice for faster interactions using Pageless Apps.

In this talk, I will explain the benefits of removing page loads from web applications to vastly increase the perceived performance of the app, and allow interactions and transitions that are not possible with a traditional page load based application.

The bulk of the presentation will be presenting Backbone.js, and showing implementations from real applications. We will discuss our implementation of Notable using Backbone, explaining both the engineering and design decisions and our reasoning behind them.

The following details will also be covered:

  • Organizing your JavaScript with Backbone.js
  • Using page templates that are renderable by both JavaScript and Rails
  • Client side routing using Backbone
  • Anchor (page fragment) vs. PushState for creating history and linkable states
  • SEO considerations
  • Advantages of only making sections of your app pageless
  • Passing data between Rails and JavaScript at page load time (Data Binding)
  • Other tools to help make building Pageless Apps easier

If you have not yet registered for RailsConf, you should, and use the promo code rc11fos for 20% off. If you can't make it then check back on the blog after the conference, we'll be sure to post a link to the slides and video if one is available.

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Mario A Chavez (ZURB) says


The to your presentation in RailsConf does no work, is there any other way to get it?

Thanks Mario

Matt (ZURB) says

@Mario: You can grab the presenation here as well: