Brand Spankin' New iPad Omnigraffle Goodies

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One of the most highly anticipated products to be released this year is the 2nd generation iPad. And it's no wonder. We're getting tons of clients requesting our services to help them out with various iPad applications.

Now, we've talked a bit about sketching before. It's an integral part of our design process that lets our ideas flow without getting bogged down by micro design details (which we focus on when we go hi-fi). It's no different for our clients who are working on iPad applications.

At this point, we've sketched enough iPad outlines, popovers, and touch keyboards that we thought it was time to create an Omnigraffle stencil for it that includes some matching sketchsheets (and lucky for you, we like to share)!

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Bryan (ZURB) says

These are awesome...we're already using them in some of our client projects. Great stuff Anthony!