Podcast of Julie Zhuo's talk on How Facebook Uses Data

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Wow!' is the word that comes to mind when all of us here at ZURB think back on the hopping ZURBsoapbox event last Friday. We had by far the largest attendance yet. Julie Zhuo (Facebook's Design Manager) gave us the low down on how her team uses data to inform decisions.

Julie Zhuo's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Ashit Vora (ZURB) says

I wish you had videos of talks instead of audio. Sometimes its difficult to visualize what speaker is trying to discuss :(

Per Jakobsen (ZURB) says

How absurd (and somewhat disrespectful) to represent a UI designer in a podcast and not use a video.

eddie (ZURB) says

very helpful,thank you!

Bryan (ZURB) says

@Ashit, yeah we're not always able to post the speakers slides. We'll check again to see if it's possible.

@Per, our soapboxes are focused on the event itself, but we try to make them available to everyone in an audio recording. Some soapboxes work better than others in the audio format. In the future we may include video.

Tim (ZURB) says

Cool talk, thanks. +1 for video though (or a complete transcript). Seems obvious for a talk like this.

momo (ZURB) says

Nice interview! And if there could be more details which would be even better.

Coleman (ZURB) says

"The team thought maybe people will update their status more if they saw their last status when they signed it" Did you mean "signed in"? Awesome article, by the way.

anon (ZURB) says

Please please create a transcript of the audio! You can use one of the automated transcript makers on the web.

Great article otherwise.

Sanja (ZURB) says

Super hugely important. Awesome. Super hugely awesome. Hey!

tiger小窝 (ZURB) says

It is great ,learnt a lot~ Thank u, I love the audio~