Podcast of Peter Skillman's talk on Innovating the Mobile Experience

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ZURB was truly hopping at last Friday, with our largest ZURBsoapbox turnout ever for Peter Skillman's talk. We loved having one last heart to heart with the man who's all over the internet these days before he jumped on the plane to start his new job at Nokia. Peter left all of us with some great lessons learned for creating awesome mobile experiences. Feel free to listen to the podcast below as you read through the summary.

Peter Skillman's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Jeremy (ZURB) says

This was a rare treat to meet Peter and catch him in between jobs at Palm and Nokia (in fact, the day before his flight to London to begin work life there). He's a seasoned design lead with experience few other people have.

Loved his passion and sweeping knowledge of his craft in the mobile space. Was deeply impressed by his intense focus on details that could connect with people emotionally. This bodes well for Nokia.

Hands down my favorite moment--and the one I've most quoted since that Friday--was, "Beware the lollipop of mediocrity. Lick it once and you suck forever."

TooLittle TooLate (ZURB) says

Peter Skillman is another in a long string of arrogant and brash executives who actually believe they have a vision. Nokia is done for. One year from now – mark my words – we will be discussing the bankruptcy, reorg and eventual death knell of the 'mighty' Nokia.

Mr. Skillman is too late, lacking in the skills to deliver and quite a bore.

Fred (ZURB) says

"Peter casually mentioned that if you're missing one of these you're dead: Delicious hardware Cloud services A rich user interface Developer ecosystem"

Hmm... Let's see, what company has NAILED all four (and so much more) of these grand Skillman ideas, oh yeah, APPLE, Inc.!

There is nothing original that Mr. Skillman can do to 'save' Nokia from its ultimate demise. Pretending to be a glamour and hip boy no longer carries the day.

JFH (ZURB) says

Please explain how a company that makes a billion a quarter is going to be bankrupt next year. With 9 Billion cash on hand.

Yeah, thought so.

Morrissen (ZURB) says

Nokia started out early in the rubber business. Even though their business is tied to cell phones, they can always retool and re purpose their company to whatever business they like. They won't go under and their board won't let them.

Bert (ZURB) says

'People are spatial' yeh but given the chance of a transport me to here button who wouldnt want it.. Someone please save me from the Nokia menus....

nlw (ZURB) says

People are always repeating "too little too late" about Nokia. I say them: You are talking too much and too soon.

Sor.L (ZURB) says

Hrm people lets remember that Nokia got 9.3 billion in cash and makes profit every quarter... especially from phones(520 million euros last quarter). It's Nokia Siements Network that have been losing money but still Nokia makes cash every quarter. Motorola was losing money for 3 years as was SE..... Nokia is dominant in Europe and Asia and owns 40% of smartphone marketshare. That's not to say that Nokia got everything right, far from it thinking that in 2007 they where 3th most profitable tech company in the world and ahve dropped dramatically from those days, but talking about bankruptcy, not even close.

pierlo (ZURB) says

I wonder how many of you here have understood that this guy is going to take care of the MeeGo platform and not Nokia's phones in general. You see, Nokia is not that dumb. They realized they must bet on the high-end and try to come up with something cool and fresh - but on the same time the are keeping the safe path on the mid-low end with symbian. Bankrupt in one year? Nokia is not Palm.

vasra (ZURB) says

One of the things that really bothers me as a designer and as a consumer is this totally newness-oriented and not-invented-here driven stupidity of most mobile phone design teams.

Many different phones have wonderful features, but none of them have most of them. Not even close.

It'd take a team of 3-5 ux/usability/ui people to analyze the best 5-10 under most commong contexts/settings and unify & abstract the results.

Then copy these features to every single phone the manufacturer has.

This would make a KILLER improvement over any current phones usability/experience, yes, even iPhone, which really sucks for calling/sms.

But nobody is doing this?

It's such a cheap investment and the results have already been tested on the marketplace - just ask the users!

But noh, they are all to noble, individualistic and high&mighty to take ideas from other design teams.

So, we the consumers have to choose between a good multi-tasking, good apps, good calendar, good contacts, good sms, good camera, good this and that.

And that, my friends, is a royal PITA.

shmerl (ZURB) says

I hope he will not decide to stop Nokia's Meego sliders from coming out. He spoke something about a keyboard "going away" while at the same time "not going away". I didn't get that. I like to have a choice, and Nokia is by far the best vendor who produces devices with a combination of touchscreen with the tactile keyboard.

Jim (ZURB) says

I would like to listen to these audio podcasts, but iTunes won't work with my operating system (Unbuntu Linux). Any chance you could add a direct link to the mp3 file on each page, in addition to your iTunes link?

Amit A (ZURB) says

'Beware the lolly-pop of mediocrity, lick it once & you suck forever' - Peter Skillman

Doug (ZURB) says

I just hope that Mr. Skillman does not start calling for the removal of features that may not be used by a lot of users, but are very beloved by many users. I'm talking of course about things like being able to have control over when and how your device is connected to a data connection, a music player with more advanced features like the ability to create and customize your own equalizers, Profiles like Symbian has, features like that. I'm all for having a simple and easy to navigate user experience, but not at the expense of features like the ones above.

variaatio (ZURB) says

doug im with you. Most users don't even know how much power and control Nokia gives to it's users, which is of course Nokia's biggest problem.So i hope that somebody at Nokia has the guts to say to stillman: "here is your biggest challenge ever. We want you to make this whole thing work. all the features. We have more features than anybody else and our customers want those features, so make the UX work with all features. We don't care how, but no cripling. this is high-end powerhouse mobile computer, not an eye candy phone."

If stillman rips commandline cabability off meego, Iam going to change to different brand. It does not need to be on the top. I like simple UI also. but I want also the commanline, so it must be accessible.If americans want simple phones fine, but he must understand that geeks are used to the level off freedom nokia gives it's customers and nokia's "we don't criple our phones" philosophy. Otherwise nokia is going to lose lot of geek love and fast.

He also must understand, that nokia is global company. He can't assume that people use same services, unless they are from nokia. When you deal with 100 different carriers you can't expect all of them offering same services/ any services at all. If you want to offer cloud/other services, it must be done directly by nokia/third party. He must learn american subsidity model is not global. Outside USA the retail price matters.

Joshua (ZURB) says

Oh my gosh Batman, sound quality. work on it